Tuesday Quickies

After a very busy Monday for me with an essay to be finished that is now behind, I’m feeling very relived just because of that, so lets get back to some fun stuff which I really haven’t had any time for this weekend so in the news:

Firstly, check out the new episode of the Pixel Perfect podcast with the most awesome Burt Monroy! :D A new episode has just been released, in which Burt shows you how to create a nice cool effect that will make some falling water and a big splash! Check it out right here!

Cool cross processing preset for Lightroom

Matt Kloskowski over at his Lightroom Killer Tips has posted a nice cross processing preset for Adobe Photoshop Lightroom! Check it out right over at his blog right here!

17% of the Apple iPhones are unactivated

Apple has gone out with some stats that 17% of the sold iPhones have not been activated through AT&T which means that we can pretty safely assume that they have been purchased just to be unlocked and it is now more understandable why Apple is making a big effort to shut down the unlocking of the iPhone.

More podcast tips…Nikonians Podcast

Finally one more podcast tip for the day, I urge you to go and check out the Nikonians Podcast and especially the Image Doctors over there where they talk about everything photography in their usually 30-50 minute long talk shows (this one is audio only guys). Check them out at the Nikonians Podcast page!

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