Monday News Quickies

Apple Special Event: Let's Rock

So, I’ve regained my internet connection again sadly just a little too late to be posting the podcast episode (it’s late here). It’ll come online tomorrow at noonish GMT time.

  • Sometimes resorting to themes when developing your websites is a good way when you have little time but need something nice and functional. The people over at Smashing Magazine are bringing us yet another quality free WordPress theme called Agregado. It’s a slick, clean and modern theme design which works best for more personal websites. Nonetheless, it’s a great asset.
  • Since posting my list of my 10 Favorite iPhone Apps I’ve gotten some response from some of the App Developers asking about the few problems I mentioned with some of the apps. To me, that shows real caring in the app development and I’ll be doing a rundown post tomorrow about what’s happened!
  • Tomorrow is the day of an Apple Special Event titled "Let’s Rock". The event will if we trust all rumors, unveil the new iPod generation as well as iTunes 8. The latest rumors even mention the release of iPhone software updates. In any case we will see tomorrow and you can follow a liveblog from the event over at MacWorld. It’s all starting tomorrow, September 9 at 11a.m Pacific time.

That’s the news for today. I’m still a bit jealous of everyone that could go to Photoshop World last week after seeing all cool photos and info about this years edition.

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