First October Wednesday News

October Wallpaper Calendar from Smashing Magazine

  • Yesterday my buddy Jason over at Canonblogger had a cool tips and tricks post for photo shoots. They’re all very true and good pointers that even if you knew them, you might need to be reminded about.
  • As much as they are commercials, the Apples tv ads are seen as a little series in and of themselves. They’ve been floating around YouTube as well as on the Apple site for quite some time. Apple has finally got their things gathered and made a YouTube channel of their own, sporting all of these videos.
  • It’s a new month again, we are getting right into October and thus you might need a new wallpaper calendar. Last month on the CSTT Podcast I showed you how to create one of your own, but if you don’t feel you want to – check out these free ones posted by Smashing Magazine.
  • Finally a site tip. I was shooting some product photography with studio gear for the first time this weekend (my model shoot didn’t happen because my model got sick) and to learn a whole lot about lighting, in a condensed time, Strobist was really a great resource. Check them out for everything on lighting basically!

And finally a shoutout to by buddy Harold whose birthday was yesterday. Happy "late" Birthday man!


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