Tuesday News Coolies


Here are today’s news and some pretty cool ones:

  • For today only, you can get a free serial number for CodeWeavers CrossOver application for either Linux or Mac (it’s their Pro version!). No snags at all and it will allow you to get the full registered version of the program! Pretty sweet, don’t miss it.
  • If you are living on the edge when it comes to software, or browsing should I say, you can download the latest Minefield version of FireFox. As it indicates, the minefield versions are far from the stable betas so this is nothing for the product environment just yet. The beauty of it is that it’s reported to run a whole lot faster, really superfast!
  • Microsoft has decided to get official with a new cloud operating system that they are calling Windows Azure. The OS is said to be just a piece of the Azure platform which includes services like Windows Live, .NET and SQL services. This is to be rolled out alongside of Windows 7.


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