Kelby Training’s Online Training Review

Kelby TrainingWhen Kelby Training launched their new online training system to replace their old there was a lot of fuss over it and it was praised from all angles because it was a great improvement over the new system they had, that’s for sure. In this review we are going to look at how it actually works and if it is worth it.

How does it work?

So how does it work then? Well you sign up for either a year or a month and you will get access to all of their online courses from the major names in the business today (such as Scott Kelby, Dave Cross, Matt Kloskowski, Corey Barker, Moose Peterson, Katrin Eisman, Dan Margulis and more) and it is not just courses on photoshop but all of the adobe products, photography, colour management and a lot more as well and more coming!

How are the courses?

The courses work as they advertise and they have the high-quality you’d expect. The fact that you get the sample files and info documents available for download with the subscription is a bonus over the other similar sites like where you need to purchase another subscription to get the files. The files stream relatively fast and after having some troubles in the beginning I have talked to one of their IT guys and they’ve assured that they are working on new solutions all the time to improve the streaming of the videos as well and right now it works good. Now onto the course quality, they too are of a very high-quality with crystal clear audio and video that you indeed would expect for a paid service. If you are expecting the photography classes to be all computer slideshow stuff, then you are absolutely wrong! They have sent a camera team to film the courses live on the locations needed, for example they sent a camera crew with Moose Peterson to do one of the landscape classes and they also are of very high-quality.

What’s the variety of the classes like?

It is mostly Photoshop based but with tutorials in the other Adobe programs as well and also photography and colour management with more promised to come. There are also an ACE Boot Camp class to help you prepare for the Adobe ACE Exam. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed in the class variety and how many there are if you are out to learn Photoshop or the other Adobe applications, however if you are looking for other applications, you should look elsewhere.


If you want to learn Photoshop, Photography or any of the other Adobe applications this is the place you should be looking about since they cover their subjects very well with new classes rolling out all the time. The classes cover the techniques so you really do understand them and they also explain the quick tricks to help you work faster as you are doing the classes, so you pick up tricks in the techniques as well. I hope they don’t venture into too many programs but keep up the high-quality and in-depth classes on fewer subjects. With some of the worlds best instructors doing classes for them, they are really in for a hit and you as a student in a class should learn a lot!


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Erik is the owner of online media company Bernskiold Media that runs tutorial website Bernskiold learning and he is a Web Designer, Photographer and Software-Trainer.

3 thoughts on “Kelby Training’s Online Training Review

  1. I signed up and was highly disappointed at Kelby’s delivery. The Flash videos are compressed so poorly that they stall and buffer so much that I couldn’t get through one lesson without it stopping every other sentence, and I am working with a top notch machine with broadband! leave a bit to be desired if you want to just jump in and make something. You first have to go through hours of ‘classroom-like’ lessons to get to the meat. But at lest Lynda’s videos play via QuickTime, so there’s never any stalling.

    Also at Kelby, there’s not any reference to where you left off. TotalTraining wins in that category.

    Due to the economy, I will have to drop some, and I have chosen of them all to maintain my membership.

  2. I love Kelby Training. They have taught me a lot from being a newbie to making my own flaming brushes plus so much more. They have so much to offer, you don’t know where to go first. Nor do you have to pay a years subscription to get the download files as you do at Lynda. They provide all the files with the monthly subscription too.

    And why in the world would anyone want to sit and watch something they already know just to view a certain section. That sounds like a waste of not only ones time but money too. At Kelby T you don’t have to do that. At Kelby T the classes are broken down into lessons. Say you already know how to create or enhance catch light but need help enhancing eyelashes. Well, you don’t have to watch 50 minutes of stuff you already know. You just skip down to the Enhancing Eyelashes lessons. Kelby Training ROCKS and they are the only ones for me.

    Lillian, I don’t know why you are having the problems that you are, but I don’t believe it is Kelby training fault. I have a buddy that does Kelby too and he is on a 4 yr old computer with all the original parts and neither he nor I have those problems.

  3. I have been a subsriber to for over a year. Just tried this Kelby training in it is totally inferrior !!! Like others have noted, the video does not play smothly, it is a total NIKON and MAC commercial… (they do throw in a couple of vids with Canon, but the majority of there stuff is a NIKON commercial… YEH NIKON.. KEEP PAYING THE FEES FOR THE EXPOSURE !!!!!

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