Keynote iPhone App

Keynote iPhone App

Along with the new version of Keynote ’09 in the new iWork ’09, Apple released a very cool iPhone application that allows you to use the iPhone as a little remote for going through your slides. Just slide through the slides visible either in landscape or portrait mode on the iPhone. You can also enable or disable the presenters notes to see on the iPhone.If you are in landscape mode with the phone (just rotate as usual) you’ll be able to see current and next slide as well as optionally, notes.

My use of this will probably mostly be the remote functionality which I think is really good. To be able to see the slides on the phone while moving through them is actually really good. I do think the screen is just a bit slow to be able to use as a good presenters display. I’ll probably use my laptop screen for that still, or learn it by heart. It’s just a bit to small to read. But as a quick rescue, it looks to be awesome.

I’m only just trying this out and really am hoping to be able to post a better review of this app and the new Keynote version itself later on. It just depends on how many presentations will be scheduled for doing, something I don’t yet know.

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