Apple Aluminium Keyboard

Apple Aluminium Keyboard

With the release of the previous generation, aluminium iMacs, Apple released a new keyboard. Having just bought a keyboard before that, I was very hesitant to upgrade to this new slim model, with keys like in the Apple laptops. There is however, a time and place for everything and after just recently upgrading to a MacBook Pro, I thought the time couldn’t be better to get myself a matching aluminium keyboard, instead of the old white one.

What I must instantly credit to this keyboard is the slimness. It’s slim enough to fit inside of my laptop bag making is portable right away. I’ve always been a fan of the keyboards that Apple’s put into the laptops and always found them great to write on. This one is just the same. The speed of which I write has really improved as my fingers don’t need to travel as far for this as they would do on a keyboard with deeper keys.

I do have a complaint though and it is about the bluetooth version. I would really have liked to have a bluetooth keyboard, since I have a laptop computer and it would’ve been even easier to take along with me. What I can’t stand about it is Apple’s decision to remove the numpad on it to slim it down further. I do understand that it could potentially be good for some times, but it is something that I really don’t want to be without. It feels just wrong to purchase another laptop sized keyboard, without the numpad and full extension. No, Apple. Offer two bluetooth versions in that case. I want my numpad!

Otherwise, I’m really digging the keyboard and would overall recommend it to anyone looking for a simple, good-looking keyboard that is really good and fast to write on.

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5 thoughts on “Apple Aluminium Keyboard

  1. Great review Erik. This is the reason why I bought the keyboard for myself. I wanted my number pad.

    To me I feel like I’m much more productive with a keyboard because I’m looking on the top row for a number because I already know where the numbers are on the keyboard. Just makes sense to me.

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