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 Keynote Remote Application

Apple released alongside iWork ’09 a remote control application for Keynote on the iPhone. It is downloadable in the app store for the $0.99 price tag (an app that definitely should have been free) and does its job rather well.

It should be said from the start that this is an app in true Apple fashion. It looks clean and simple and is based on changing your slides in an easy and stylish way. You can choose either to have the interface in portrait or landscape mode with the difference being the ability to see the current and next slide versus online seeing one of them.

In portrait view you can turn on to see your presenters notes, something which I’m not particularly fond of since it makes for a very weird presentation stance, looking at the tiny iPhone screen. Instead I prefer using the iPhone only as the slide changer, kept hidden in your hands and having a laptop set up at some distance in front of you where you can see all the info both larger and in a way that makes the presentation a lot more smooth.

I think Apple has done a great job with the app although I really do think it should be a free one after you’ve bought the iWork suite. The ability for it to connect to Keynote via Wi-Fi is a good strength as most computers can setup simple ad-hoc networks without any problem nowadays. Perhaps support for bluetooth hadn’t been too bad though.

Note: I have after writing this learned that the pricing is due to laws and other rules surrounding applications making profit. Therefore the pricing makes a lot more sense. Thanks to a Twitterer for explaining.

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