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Wacom Intuos 4 

It’s Photoshop World week this week and unfortunately, I can’t be there. Perhaps next year I’ll be able to go and meet up with everyone, I do really hope I will. However, there are still quite a few news elements that need to get out and about and here are the news yummies for this week!

Wacom releases Intuos 4

Wacom has just released the Intuos 4 series of their popular tablet line. There are a lot of news in this upgrade, including of course a new design of the tablet, sporting what I think are very cool LED displays that will show you what shortcut you have for the express keys. I’m very happy with my Intuos 3 that I have, but I look forward to try out the Intuos 4 soon. You can read more about it on Wacom’s site.

Quick iPhone 3.0 Impressions

I’m all set with my iPhone 3.0 Beta firmware now and I installed it on my phone yesterday. So far it is running really smooth and only has the occasional smaller lags. I’m very impressed so far, especially with the stability! I’m going to be using it some more in real-life testing before posting a full review of what I think so far, which I have scheduled into the post schedule in the coming week(s).

Ten rare HTML Tags you should know!

I found this great article over on NETTUTS just the other day. It’s talking about a bunch of HTML tags you may never knew existed and never thought about using even if you knew they were there. This article covers them, how to use them and what they are good for!

MacHeist 3 Bundle

The MacHeist 3 bundle has been announced and is now available for purchase. It features 12 super apps for the very low price of $39 with some apps being unlocked as we go along. Remember also that 25% of all sales are going right into charity! A great deal for everyone, you can many great apps (with a total value in retail of about $900!!) for the cheap price and charity gets money. Go to MacHeist and check out the apps and buy yours today!

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