Colorful Electric Swooshes

In this tutorial we use the brush engine to come up with an abstract wallpaper effect with colorful swooshes that look like they are electric.

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Erik is the owner of online media company Bernskiold Media that runs tutorial website Bernskiold learning and he is a Web Designer, Photographer and Software-Trainer.

23 thoughts on “Colorful Electric Swooshes

  1. Amazing video for bigginer to learn some of good intrest in photoshop i really love this tutorial fantastice. best of luck.

  2. i did everything your tutorial said but for some reason when I got up to the bit where you draw the lines mine came out as faded and not bright like yours

  3. I just cannot get the swooshes to be as bright as yours. I’m doing everything exactly as you said to, but my still wind up as dark grey instead of colourful white. What am I doing wrong, do you think?

  4. awesome tutorial didnt even thought that this kind of pictures were made this easy way, all i had to do is to play with settings of the brush an blending modes, sweet, thank you so much, i just learned another big thing in Ps

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