Natural Light Effect

Add Natural Local Light to a Photo

Light is very tricky to work with and there are few techniques that simluate the increased light as it would look with increased sunlight for example. This technique will however preserve the texture and add both light and color to just the areas you want.

Preparing Layers

Open a photo of your choice and create a new layer. Set its blend mode to “Color Dodge” and lower the Opacity to around 15%.

Setting Up Brush and Picking Color

The way this technique works is by utilizing the color doge mode to lighten and subtly increase the color in the area you choose. To do so, first grab the Brush Tool (B) and select a soft bush of ample size. After that, hold down your Alt/Option-key to pick a color. In this case I am going to increase the light in the bushes and therefore pick a light color from the bushes.

Painting in Light

Lastly paint over the area with the color that you wish to enhance, sampling a new color when moving on to a new area. In the image above, I have enhanced the entire scene.

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