Designing With the End-User in Mind

Designing With the End-User in Mind

Why do we design websites? How come some of us work in creating websites? Well, the obvious answer is that there is a demand, and rightfully so, but the demand exists for a reason. It is because people want to view nice sites and want to have sites on the internet that are easy to browse.

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Read Emails in the Right Way

Read Emails in the Right Way


We’ve all been there. We receive an email from a client, read it and as we do so, start to think that the client is angry/being ironic, or basically sounds dissatisfied. There could really be two potential situations there and we’re going to have a look at them!

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Video Screencast Production: The Recording

Video Recording

Apart from the preparations on what to do, the recording process is the most important in the making of a video screencast. There are many different ways you can go about doing when doing the main recording, but I’m going to share my two favorite ones, that I use when recording.

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Code can be Beautiful

Code can be Beautiful

I wouldn’t be surprised if you didn’t really believe me but it is true. Code can be something beautiful, in its right state! Now, what I mean by this is simply how you write the code and the steps you take to try and make it look good in the editor! You can code in all sorts of ways, but I think clean and lazy are the two far most common ones.

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Business Cards is Not a Thing of the Past

Business Cards

The more evolved the “social media” area is becoming on the internet today, the less I feel that we are paying attention to the importance of attracting customers from outside these realms. Today specifically, I’m going to talk about business cards and how these are something to consider having a bunch on, preferably at all times but at least when you know you might be asked to present what you do.

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