What’s to love about WordPress 3.1?

One of the first things I love about WordPress is that it is an ever-evolving system that keeps pushing its way forward and does it fast too. It wasn’t too long ago that we covered what was new in WordPress 3.0 but here we are again, looking at another larger update to the platform.We know that you pose the question, “What’s new and why should I upgrade?” and that is why you are now getting a good look at what you should come to expect from WordPress 3.1.

To start off, before going into the features, WordPress 3.1 is currently in beta process with plans to have it released by the end of the year (which may or may not change). If you want to give it a try yourself (allbeit not on a live site), you can download it and install it on a test site.

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Flash vs HTML5, It Is All Good!

With the iPhone and even more so, the iPad, another format war has begun. As with any format war, the two sides do everything to support their base and attack the other. I beg you to sit down and think about this and give me good reasons why this is necessarily as bad as everyone likes to say.

iPhone 3G

The iPhone OS vs. Android Similarities

Another ongoing debate is that of the iPhone OS versus Android. Oddly enough, it is the same kind of debate there. It all boils down to the nature of competition for market share.


When Apple first introduced the iPhone OS it was an incredible new platform that has very much revolutionized the way we use cellphones. If you think back, before the iPhone, smartphones were very uncommon.

Since the introduction of the iPhone, we have yet to see any major new additions to the platform, either in terms of handsets or software. Now, I am certain we will because of Google’s Android operating system. It simply puts competition on the board for both companies, forcing them to come up with greater things.

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Vimeo Releases HTML 5 Video Player

Some rather cool news are coming now from Vimeo. They have announced a new HTML 5 video player for their videos.

Normally, Vimeo videos are embedded using Flash so this is a major new deal. With the new player (which looks just like the other one), the videos will be brought down in H.264 instead, meaning that it is watchable regardless of Flash.

Right now, the player is only limited to Vimeo.com videos and not in the embed codes on other websites and you do have to use the most recent versions of Safari or Chrome.

What do you think about the new player? Good or bad decision from their site?

Creating Active Page Links in WordPress

There are lots of things you can do in WordPress very easily, once you get your heard around how it works. One such thing, that may seem hard, is creating “active page links”. I know I promised last week that we were going to have a look at the post info, but I have decided to let that wait a little bit in favor of other, exciting things!

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The WordPress Loop Demystified


If you are starting out in designing for WordPress, or have been doing it for a while, you have probably heard of the famous WordPress Loop. The loop is what makes everything display when you do WordPress themes. Posts and pages are both handled by the same loop. At first, this seems a bit intimidating and can seem like a daunting task to work with. Fear not! It really isn’t as hard as it sounds! Today, we are going to demystify the WordPress loop!

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