Wednesday Quickies

This week is being very hectic for me with little time on the evenings when I get home since I’m working long hours, but I’ll manage to get this update to you anyway containing the news so far. Myself I’m battling a cold and trying to work full time in the camera store. It’s amazing by the way, loads of cool gear and stuff and it is really fun doing adverts for stuff and selling stuff as well!  This is all why I haven’t posted a lot this week.

Change the blue dots in the Leopard dock!

So of course there are a program that can change the little blue icon in the dock that allows you to change it back to the old black triangles if you want. You can find the little program, that allows you to change them whenever you want, called Dock Delight here.

Creative Suite Tips & Tricks Podcast coming…

I had some server problems which caused this Sunday episode to be late. I will have it up tomorrow!

Camera Opinions

Tomorrow I will be posting a little larger post with some more stuff for you to read that will have some opinions on some different cameras that I’m around all day this week and some other cool stuff that I think is pretty cool ;) Check back tomorrow for that.

That’s it for this quickie Wednesday update, have a great rest of the week! Oh and in case you were wondering about the Daily Quick-Tips, they are coming back starting on Monday! :D

Wednesday News Update

There has been some time since the news updates hasn’t there. With a full weekend using Leopard and testing it out, my My Desktopfinal conclusion is that at least for me, it works really well. All applications are working except the Video CS3 suite programs as well as some bugs in Lightroom, namely with the printing module which if you used any of the upgrade options to leopard (and not an erase and install) will not work. So all in all I think Leopard is great, lots of great features and I must say I am in love with Time Machine from the start. So check out the post coming later today, on a Leopard review :)

Check out these cool photographers!

I’m gonna start off by sending you over to this portfolio of the cool photographer Ninad Dabadghav who has a most impressive portfolio! Check it out right here and be amazed!
Next I will send you to another cool photographer, called Younes Bounhar. He’s an incredible photographer with lots and lots of talent so check him out here!
I wasn’t planning on sending you to this third photographer in the beginning, because I had originally only planned two photographer tips, but I thought why should he not be mentioned. So last but not least, go and check out my buddy, the awesome and talented landscape photographer, Jono Renton!

Photography Comic

What the Duck #334

So I think I have mentioned this photo comic once before here, but I absolutely love it! It is called WhattheDuck and it is just hilarious! So go over to the What the Duck site and read it! :D

A little more Leopard to finish off…

LeopardIf you are thinking about the Leopard upgrade on your Mac but are a little hesitant, check out my review on it coming later today and also go and check out Terry White’s road to leopard part 1, 2 and 3!

Also, check out a new episode series in my Creative Suite Tips & Tricks Podcast that will, starting today, launch as a midweek episode that will all be about being creative with the creative suite and putting tools and techniques that you learn in the sunday/monday episodes to the use and jumping between the programs etc. It is gonna be cool so go and check it out later today!

Launching daily quick-tips on the site!

Check out a new feature, the daily quick-tips where each day there will be posted a quick tip on either of the adobe products that’ll help you work with the programs! Once a week you might also get a video quick-tip as well! :D

So check out this very exciting feature either by choosing the Quick-Tips category in the category picker in the right sidebar or go under the tutorials in the navbar and click on Quick-Tips there or just click this link!

Tuesday Quickies

After a very busy Monday for me with an essay to be finished that is now behind, I’m feeling very relived just because of that, so lets get back to some fun stuff which I really haven’t had any time for this weekend so in the news:

Firstly, check out the new episode of the Pixel Perfect podcast with the most awesome Burt Monroy! :D A new episode has just been released, in which Burt shows you how to create a nice cool effect that will make some falling water and a big splash! Check it out right here!

Cool cross processing preset for Lightroom

Matt Kloskowski over at his Lightroom Killer Tips has posted a nice cross processing preset for Adobe Photoshop Lightroom! Check it out right over at his blog right here!

17% of the Apple iPhones are unactivated

Apple has gone out with some stats that 17% of the sold iPhones have not been activated through AT&T which means that we can pretty safely assume that they have been purchased just to be unlocked and it is now more understandable why Apple is making a big effort to shut down the unlocking of the iPhone.

More podcast tips…Nikonians Podcast

Finally one more podcast tip for the day, I urge you to go and check out the Nikonians Podcast and especially the Image Doctors over there where they talk about everything photography in their usually 30-50 minute long talk shows (this one is audio only guys). Check them out at the Nikonians Podcast page!

Tuesday Rockin’

Here is the wonderful news coming at you this rockin’ wonderful Tuesday! :D First off, we have a new episode of the Photoshop User TV, produced by the folks at NAPP, it’s their 102nd one! So go and check it out right here!

Scott Kelby “Seven Point System” book!

The magnificent Scott Kelby has announced a new book that appears to become really smashing! It’s called “The Photoshop Seven-Point System” and, well, everyone that has read the draft says it’ll be just awesome. Scott has posted a video preview on his blog, so take a look at that here. At least I have already pre-ordered it!

Creative Suite Tips & Tricks Podcast on iTunes!

Yep, my Creative Suite Tips & Tricks Podcast is now online at iTunes and you can check it out at the links here.
iTunes | Website

Another award won!


I’m feeling happy still because I signed on today at the forums on the NAPP site only to see a thread congratulating me to another Editors Choice. Last time it was Image of the Week and this time it was Editors Choice! I’m really honored! Oh, and it is the picture on the left of this post ;)

That’s it for the news right now! :) I’ll see you back with more cool things later on!

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