FancyBox: The Apple Style Lightbox

There have been many clones on the ever so popular lightbox javascript that has been a big trend for quite some time, not only because it looks nice but because it is a useful way to display information in, without opening a new window.

Many with me are admiring some of the effects that Apple uses on their websites and web services and on their main website, they are using a lightbox as well (surprise surprise). What should be no surprise either is that it looks pretty darn cool. Luckily for all of us, there is a clone for this style as well, called FancyBox (and it is free).

If you are running an Apple themed website, or you just want a classy lightbox, have a look at it. It supports both images, videos, ajax loaded and iframe content, with a 1.3 version coming soon (currently in release candidate) that supports flash better as well as many other cool features.

Do you use FancyBox? Do you have another favorite one? Let me know in the comments!


15 Brush Packages for Photoshop to Fill Your Collection

In Photoshop, Brushes can be very powerful and be used to design pretty much everything. They are used in pretty much all design trends by a lot of people, from the floral designs, to the grunge ones.

Today, I have a list with 15 brush packages for Photoshop that will fill your collection or quality brushes. Have a look and see what you think. Did I miss your favorite brush set? I’d love to know about it in the comments.

Tip: Click on the brush title to get to its page where you can download it!

Life Brushes

Tech Brushes

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NAPP Interviews: Ask the NAPP Staff (including Scott himself)!

My dear friend, Firgs is doing an interview series on her website (Design by Firgs) with the staff over at NAPP (and Photoshop World instructors and key roles). Each week leading up to Photoshop World, there will be an interview with a staff member on NAPP, both the public faces and the people behind the scenes, making the magazine happen, making the podcasts come out. There are some seriously talented folks there, so take your chance and ask them your questions.

The lineup includes public faces such as RC Concepcion, Matt Kloskowski, Terry White and none other than Scott Kelby himself. I know that you have always,  wanted to ask Scott about his most embarrassing photo shoot. Fine, secretly I know you have wanted to know what pattern he likes best on his socks, striped, plain or dotted. Now is your chance!

What you absolutely want to do, is take the chance to ask some questions to the more hidden faces, doing all the great things you enjoy from NAPP, aside from the tutorials. You can’t see an issue of Photoshop User Magazine go by without seeing Taffy Clifford’s work! She is one of their awesome graphic designers working on the featured article pages in some of the issues. Or, Leslie Montenegro, who is marketing graphic designer, in charge of the marketing graphics.

Basically, what I am trying to tell you all, is that this is a golden opportunity to ask what you have on your heart. Especially to the behind-the-scenes crew. How often to you get to ask about the real-life creation process for the magazine? I thought not…

Get yourself over to Design by Firgs and submit those questions!

The Hidden WOW Factor

The Hidden WOW Factor

While being a very subjective art form, design needs to make an impact. It’s simply why we as designers get hired to do good designs. They need to make an impact on people, preferably without them noticing.

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Good Design Does Wonders

Good Design Does Wonders

It’s He Said, She Said week this week which means that tomorrow there’ll be an article here on the site by Elizabeth Gast (and I’m posting my thoughts on the same topic on her site), because of that, there will not be a design themed Tuesday post! Instead, I’m going to combine the business side with the design side today on the subject of good design and what it can do for you. Nowadays, we are very aware of design however most of the time just not conscious of that. Say for example that we go to a company’s website and are interested in their services/products. Let’s also say that they are a smaller company that have their products available through order on their site only. When you come to the website, it looks rather old and not really like most of the sites you visit. That is exactly what I am talking about.

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