Late Thursday News Quickies


There’s been a lot going on for me the past days with dentist appointments and some other school related things. Now however it’s clearing up a bit and I’m soon gonig to get a good weekends rest, after a very tiresome week. Here are some late Thursday news!

  • Pixelmator has updated their application to version 1.3, codenamed Tempo. New in this release are a lot of backend upgrades making it all a lot smoother as well as some tool upgrades. Read it all in their blog.
  • The first article and tutorial about WordPress and theme developing on Web Designer Wall has been posted. Go and check out the article for some great tips to start.
  • Panic has updated Coda to version 1.6. Major news in this version is a new plug-in system that makes it simple to extend Coda quite a bit. The upgrade is free to current license holders.

I’m just about to call it a day here but wanted to get this in before. See you all tomorrow!

Adobe releases CS4 trials

Adobe Trials

Adobe has today released all of the CS4 trial versions and they are all available on the Adobe downloads site. For all of you who have been waiting for this, it’s a finally thing with them here. It’s worth to note that the trials available for download also include localized versions for download so it’s not only the English trials available.

Tuesday News & Goodies

 Photoshop CS4 In Real Life

  • I came across a really brilliant artwork the other day titled "What Photoshop would look like in real life" that I just had to share. They’ve basically built up a Photoshop interface using cardboard, paint, boxes etc. It’s super cool!
  • Sigma has announced that they are buying the sensor company Foveon. This will basically mean that they have a tighter grip over the sensors they use in their cameras. Foveon will physically remain where they are in Silicon Valley which will also give Sigma some really high-tech real estate.
  • A new version of Parallels Desktop has been released. The release is a big fix, fixing some bugs with guest user accounts and more and brings the version number to 3.0.5626. You can download it from the site for free if you are a current license holder. For new users the application costs $79.99.
  • The popular media player, VLC has also gotten a bit of an upgrade to version 0.9.6. The specifics in the release are also security fixes that has been around for a few versions. They are also taking out the support for versions 0.8.6 or earlier. Use at your own risk, or upgrade.

It’s Monday “Start of the week” News

 ProShow Gold

It’s raining heavily outside, it’s cold and it is dark. I definitely do not want to get up and go outside today but I have to nonetheless. Here are some news for today:

  • Photodex, makers of the ProShow Gold slideshow program, has announced a plugin for Lightroom that will let you quickly export photos into ProShow Gold or Producer to make slideshows. With ProShow Gold being a PC only program so is the plugin.
  • A report from SquareTrade says that it’s two times more common that a Blackberry breaks during the first year than an iPhone. Despite all the reports of unhappy iPhone customers (don’t you always hear the unhappy more?) the iPhone, according to the report, is the smartphone with the lowest malfunction rate.
  • Terry White has posted the new CS4 wallpaper and screensaver (both Mac and PC available) on his blog. Sadly not as nice as the CS3 ones they still are worth to check out!
  • Finally, Nick La over at the Web Designer Wall posted today and let us know that he’s beginning a complete wordpress theme guide. He is going to update the post with links to each tutorial as he is publishing them.

Finally, check out my own annual Holiday Gadget Gift guide coming in an hour or two, or click the sidebar banner on the site to download it beforehand!


Thursday Things

Live Mesh


There are a lot of cool new today so let’s get right to it.

  • Microsoft is allowing everyone to publicly beta test their MobileMe competitor, called Live Mesh. Both Windows and Mac users can use the Beta version. You can sign in on the beta using your Windows Live Id right at
  • Scott Kelby posted on his blog today his review of the new MacBook Pro. If you are thinking about one, head over there to read what he has to say.
  • It’s been confirmed that the new 2.2 Firmware update of the iPhone will bring podcast downloads on the fly with it. Very welcome thing to be able to download podcasts on the go. In the beginning only for podcasts that’s 10 MB or smaller, but it is something!
  • Another iPhone goodie. Check out the cool app called Fake Calls that will allow you to plant a fake call at a time to your phone (it won’t actually call you) so you can escape an unwanted situation. Pretty innovative app. Check it out in the app store.
  • Finally for today, Terry White has posted his annual Holiday Gift Guide where he suggest some stuff that he likes that you could give to a techie for Christmas. Go and check it out. I have my annual in the works but it’s gonna be due out soon.


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