InDesign CS5

InDesign Quick-Tip: Instant Unit Conversion

Did you know that you can convert between different units effortlessly in InDesign? Now you will know if you didn’t already. In any field that you enter a unit you can enter its extension and have it converted into your default unit.

An example: If I have my default unit set to picas but I want to add a common .125 inch bleed around the document, all I need to do is type: “0.125 in” (without the quotes) into the bleed amount fields and InDesign will automatically convert it into the right amount of picas, without worry.

Photoshop CS5

Photoshop Quick-Tip: Toggle Through Blend Modes

If you are a fan of the blend modes for layers in Photoshop, you most likely find yourself going through the options in the menu a lot. A quicker way to do this is to use the keyboard shortcut for toggling through the modes.

To go downwards in the list, use Command + Plus (the plus key) or on PC, Control + Plus (again, the plus key). To go upwards, use Command + – (the minus key) or PC, Control + -.

Illustrator CS5

Illustrator Quick-Tip: Move Objects to New Layer

Many people do not use layers in Illustrator because objects still are selectable on their own. However if you are using layers you need to know how to move objects from one layer to another.

Simply select the object you want to move to another layer and open up your layers panel. You should see a little colored box (with the same color as the current layer) next to the layer that the object is on. Drag that little box and drop it on top of the new layer and the object will be moved.

Lightroom 3

Lightroom Quick-Tip: Becoming More Accurate With the Tone Curve

To increase accuracy when working with the Tone Curve in Lightroom, hold down your Option-key (PC: Alt-key) while you are moving the points on the Point Curve.

Photoshop CS5

Photoshop Quick-Tip: Trash Layers Quickly

Photoshop CS5If you are deleting layers by dragging them to the trash can you might want to know about a quicker way to do it. To delete a layer in Photoshop CS4 or later, just press the Delete/Backspace key and if you are using Photoshop CS3 or earlier, you need to have the move tool selected before you press the Delete/Backspace key.

Remember, you can quickly switch to the move tool with the keyboard shortcut V.

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