Automated Photo Frame

When showing off your photos on the web, adding a thin white (or black) frame around the image can make it look that much better. The problem is that this type of task is a very repetitive one and doing it for each image is going to be slightly time consuming. What you can do instead is create an action that will apply the frame for you on one click.

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Adobe Bridge CS5

Bridge Basics: The Filter Panel

The filter panel inside of Bridge can be used to filter through all the different metadata options and display only files that meet certain criteria.
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Curves Adjustment in Lab Mode

Switching to the Lab color mode can be very beneficial when doing curves adjustments for photographs as you will only do the adjustments to the lightness of the image, reducing the risks of color artifacts in the two color channels.
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Publishing a Web Gallery from Bridge

Bridge has the ability to create stylish and powerful web galleries that are done very simply in just a few steps. Using these galleries you will be able to quickly create a gallery with your artwork on the web.
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Designing a Showcase Gallery Using Object States

InDesign CS5 gained many features that allows you to create an interactive page in InDesign and export out to flash files for viewing on the web. You can use this to create a simple but powerful showcase gallery using the brand new object states in CS5.
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