Post Thumbnails in WordPress 2.9

WordPress 2.9 introduces a built-in feature for post thumbnails, something that has previously been archived using custom fields. Now, you can select and upload thumbnails from the post screen and the media manager.

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Page Templates: Completely Control your WordPress Pages

There is a very powerful, built-in feature to WordPress that lets you add a file to your theme, that can be used to control how an entire page is displayed.

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Installing WordPress Themes

Learn how to install themes to your WordPress website and where you can easily find them, in this tutorial.

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Installing WordPress

Before you can run WordPress, you need to install it. In this tutorial, we go through the rather simple setup process of WordPress and touch on setting up databases and users as you need for the installation to work.

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Basic Introduction to Custom Fields

In this tutorial, we are taking a look at WordPress custom fields, what they are and how you can use them to make a much more dynamic site!

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