Wacom Bamboo Tablet!

Wacom Bamboo Tablet

So I went out and got the Wacom Bamboo tablet today and I’m very happy with it. I’ve been missing a tablet since I got my Mac when my old one stopped working (the only one that Wacom makes that don’t support Macs) but now I’ve upgraded to the Bamboo which is perfect for my use! :)

I couldn’t be happier with it and the size of A6 does fit myself very well, since I don’t really need a larger one and I don’t have money for it either!
So just a quick update on the new tablet purchase!


Wednesday News Updates

Photoshop Tip!

Some quick colour shortcuts; when you have a foreground and a background colour. Press the letter “X” on the keyboard to flip them around and press “D” to revert them to the default!

Pixelmator 1.0

Whilst the Mac edition of Photoshop Elements 6 will be released not until early 2008, Pixelmator a new image editor makes a perfect debut. Available for the Mac platform, for just $59 it is a very stylish program that has taken some of the praised Photoshop features it looks to be giving entry-level people an easy time! :) Check it out at the Pixelmator site!

Adobe Photoshop Elements 6, for Windows only!

Photoshop Elements 6Adobe has released their Photoshop Elements, Version 6, so far for Windows only. Apparently Mac users will be getting their hands on a new Elements version, not until early 2008 and that’s because “Elements for the Mac is on a difference development schedule than on the PC” according to Adobe. Anyway, check out the PhotoshopElementsUser.com site for the new learning center they’ve put together to make your learning of Elements 6 quick and painful!

Check out Layers TV!!

Layers TV

If you haven’t already, to and check out Layers TV brought to you by the amazing Corey Barker and Rafael (“RC”) Concepcion. Today they’ve released their second show that is jam packed with a lot of great tutorials on the entire Creative Suite! So go and check it out right here!

That’s it for todays little news update! Now I’m just out to get the Wacom Bamboo tablet since I badly need a new tablet! I’ll write something up on how it works later! :D


Recieved prize DVD!!

NAPP Logo (Black)Last week I won the award “Image of the Week” on the NAPP (National Association of Photoshop Professionals) website, much to my surprise. I was of course very thrilled about just the recognition of me and my image. When I found out that I also got a free training DVD from them, as a prize, I went even happier. So I settled on choosing the Adobe Illustrator CS3 Down and Dirty Tricks by Corey Barker, because I feel I know Photoshop very well, but I would love to learn Illustrator more. Today I received the DVD, which was very fast considering shipping from the US! :D I just love it! Kudos to Corey for making such a smashing DVD!!

I’m also looking at purchasing a new Wacom Tablet, namely the Bamboo (since my old don’t work on the Mac) because it seems like a great value for the money and it suits my price range! :) I’ll keep you posted!


Scott Kelby’s Nikon D3 Q&A

Nikon D3A couple of days ago, Scott Kelby asked on his blog for readers to send him questions about the new D3. Today he posted a list of some questions and answers, and it is there for us all to read and learn :D Check the whole Q&A out right here on his blog, Photoshop Insider, which is well worth a read!


More will come…

I’ve been thinking about some stuff to include on this blog and what precisely to post, and I figured that I should restructure it just a little bit. So I’m working on doing a couple of edits to the blog display in short future and I’ll start posting some happenings etc. booth industry wise and a bit on what I’m working on :) Enjoy what’s coming!