Light Metallic Web Button

There is always a need for buttons on the web and in this tutorial, we are going to design a light metallic buton that you can use online.

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Friday Website Tip: Hongkiat

Another week, another tip, this week paying homage to Hongkiat, one of the super resources for tech users, designers and bloggers on the net. On the site you will find tutorials, articles and listings with all sorts of cool things that makes for interesting and inspirational reading.

Even though they are doing more and more showcase type posts, you can still find some gold in the archives and some in the showcases too.



#15: Reflections in InDesign

Creatively Using the Creative Suite

In this episode of the Creatively Using the Creative Suite podcast, we are creating reflections, right from within InDesign using the Gradient Feather Tool.

You can watch it by selecting either version (low-res or HD) below, or by subscribing to either version in iTunes, iPod/iPhone or HD.

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Photoshop CS5


PS QT: Keyboard Shortcuts When Saving Files

Photoshop CS5This is one of these hidden tricks that can definitely save some time. When you are in a save dialog and you are prompted for the “Don’t Save”, “Cancel” or “Save” actions, all you need to do is click on the first letter of the action name on your keyboard.

For example, if you wish to go with “Don’t Save”, just click the “d” letter on your keyboard!

Illustrator CS5


New in AI CS5: Perspective Grid

A very cool new feature in Illustrator CS5 is the Perspective Grid tool, allowing you to draw objects right in perspective.

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