Creating A Tool Panel in Configurator

In this tutorial we take a look at the Adobe Configurator and make a basic panel that contains a couple of my most used selection tools and then export it into Photoshop CS4 for use.

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GridIron Flow and Adobe Announcement Webinar

 GridIron Flow

On Monday June 29th at 12 p.m EDT, GridIron Flow along with John Nack from Adobe will hold a webinar announcing "something new" from them both. This comes right at the time where the Flow public beta (beta 3) expires at July 1st, chances are big that we might see a cool, full release.

If you want to watch the webinar and be a part of the event, you need to register for free on their website.


Apple Style Text Effect

In this tutorial we take a look at how we can replicate the general Apple text effect that you can see in a lot of Apple commercials.

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Faking Tilt-Shift Miniature Photography

In this tutorial we fake the miniature photography effect that can otherwise only be achieved with a tilt-and-shift lens (mind you, very expensive piece of glass) and create some miniature scenes.

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5 Reasons to Keep Track of Projects/Opportunities

5 Reasons to Keep Track of Projects/Opportunities

I know, the administrative parts of being a designer/coder or generally a freelancer (or small studio owner) can be daunting and a part that I always forget is to start the timer and track the entire process even in flat-fee projects. There are a lot of good reasons why we should spend a little more time to keep track of both projects and opportunities.

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