Weekend Website Tip: I Love Typography

I Love Typography

Are you a typography lover? Well, if you are a designer you really should be as it is vital to your deigns. Over at I Love Typography, they really love typography and fill up the site with all sorts of cool information about typography, including interviews with type designers as well as news and typography related articles. Definitely a must-read for the font interested. 


Website Creation Part 1: The Design

Creatively Using the Creative Suite

In this episode of the Creatively Using the Creative Suite podcast, we are starting off a series on website creation by taking a look at how you can go about designing a website. You can watch it by selecting either version (low-res or HD) below, or by subscribing to either version in iTunes, iPod/iPhone or HD.

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8 Tips for Pleasant Flower Photography

8 Tips for Pleasant Flower Photography

It is late spring, almost getting into summer in most parts of the world. This means that flowers are blooming and that pretty much everything in the nature looks gorgeous. This is a perfect time to do flower photography, with close-ups and macros as well and I’m going to today share some flower photography tips and tricks.

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The Hidden WOW Factor

The Hidden WOW Factor

While being a very subjective art form, design needs to make an impact. It’s simply why we as designers get hired to do good designs. They need to make an impact on people, preferably without them noticing.

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Discounts—A Potential Money Maker


Discounts are loved by your clients! They help them save money and thus they are looking out hard for discounts. If done right, this can lead to an increased flow of clients for you. The trick is to have them firmly in place…

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