Weekend Website Tip: Skelliewag


Skelliewag is a blog written by Skellie (appropriately enough). The blog is focused around the business aspect of making a living as a freelancer and/or blogger without using AdSense as the revenue source.

There are both tutorials and articles that will definitely teach you some things you didn’t know before, making your business stronger and helping your skills improve.

If you do freelancing or blogging and want to make this your living, definitely check out the blog and read the articles on there that is definitely going to expand your views.


The Making of a Modern Advert in Illustrator

Creatively Using the Creative Suite

In this weeks Creatively Using the Creative Suite, we use some built-in patterns in Illustrator along with some simple text placement to create a modern-looking advert. You can watch it by selecting either version (low-res or HD) below, or by subscribing to either version in iTunes, iPod/iPhone or HD.

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Video Screencast Production: The Recording

Video Recording

Apart from the preparations on what to do, the recording process is the most important in the making of a video screencast. There are many different ways you can go about doing when doing the main recording, but I’m going to share my two favorite ones, that I use when recording.

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Wednesday Newsbits


I’ve not been good at doing the news posts for the past couple of weeks but that is to change! Here are the news from this week!

Contests and Giveaways

Two of my friends are holding some great giveaways this week! First off we have Janine Smith of Janinealogy who is holding a contest where you can win two 20×30" photos from Mpix! Pretty cool stuff. All you need to do is go to her site and answer one of three available questions to have a chance of winning!

I said there was more right! Lisa Sage is holding another giveaway where you have a chance to get 1000 free business cards and a free canvas print courtesy of Uprinting.com! All you need to do to have a chance to win is to leave a comment on her post and say what you would use the prizes for! 

2nd Annual Worldwide PhotoWalk

If you’re a photographer you’re going to like to know that Scott Kelby is hosting his second annual worldwide photo walk on July 18th this year! There are currently already over 200+ walks that you can sign up for but be quick, they are filling out fast! Sadly, I’m away on holiday on the date and won’t be able to host a walk like I did in Gothenburg, Sweden last year. It was a fun event definitely and I hope to be able to make it next year around! You can find out more details at the PhotoWalk website or at Scott’s Blog.

Nifty Lightroom Plugins

Sean McCormack of Lightroom-Blog has released a nifty little plugin that adds model release and property release fields to the metadata panel, that you can insert in your photo’s metadata simply! Should be very nice to be able to keep track of which release goes for which photo, especially when sending them away as well. It’s available for free (donationware) from Lightroom-Blog.com!



Using Workspaces in Bridge

Work faster in Bridge by using saving your own workspaces that have panels for the task on hand.

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