Natural Light Effect

Add Natural Local Light to a Photo

Light is very tricky to work with and there are few techniques that simluate the increased light as it would look with increased sunlight for example. This technique will however preserve the texture and add both light and color to just the areas you want.

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Photoshop CS5

OpenGL Drawing and Color Selection Features

In this tutorial, you will learn how to use three very nice features enabled when OpenGL support is on: Interactively Change Brush Size and Two New Color Picker Methods.
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Illustrator CS5

Illustrator Quick-Tip: Flexible Rounded Corners

For more flexibility when working with rounded corners in Illustrator, you can instead of using the rounded rectangle tool, use the standard Rectangle tool and draw your base shape. After that, go to Effect > Stylize > Rounded Corners. This will be saved in the appearance panel with the bonus that you can go back and change the settings whenever you want.

Integrating a Lightroom Gallery with a WordPress Website

Free Webinar: Integrating a Lightroom Gallery with a WordPress Website

Just a heads up that I will be hosting a free webinar this coming Monday, August 8 on the topic of Integrating a Lightroom Gallery with a WordPress Website. The webinar will be an hour long and during the hour, I am going to show you two techniques for taking a Lightroom gallery and putting it inside of WordPress, making it look just like any other page on your site.

Join me at 2 p.m eastern time (11 a.m Pacific; 7p.m BST; 8 p.m CEST; 4 a.m Sydney) for the webinar. There is a limit of 90 people attending so if you want to be sure to get your spot, please register (it’s free) in advance on the webinar page. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Lightroom 3

Lightroom Panel Tricks

In this tutorial you will learn to use some of the neat panel tricks inside of Adobe Lightroom. These tricks will help you optimize the interface for your setup and thus work faster.
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