It is the Monday News!

Here is this weeks Monday News ;) First off the iPod Classic and iPod Nano (the new ones) are getting a software update making it to 1.0.2 users should get faster response and also better video-out as well as improved Cover Flow so that it now works like in iTunes.

 Fine Art Prints of leading photographers and digital artists!

Check out this cool site called Digital Photo and Art that allows you to purchase fine-art prints from leading digital artists and photographers such as Scott Kelby, Bert Monroy, Ben Willmore and Jim DiVitale! Amazing photographer and PS Guru Scott Kelby’s profits from the site goes right along to the “Springs of Hope Kenya” so make sure to check out his site here for more info!

Which Photoshop?

I get a lot of questions asking me about which version of Photoshop is right for them et cetera. Adobe has just gone ahead and put up a page, helping all of you in-doubt of the Photoshop version you want and you can view it right here!

Creative Suite Tips & Tricks Podcast

In case you missed my Saturday Photoshopping post my new Creative Suite Tips & Tricks podcast has been released well sneak-peak kinda so far! I’m just waiting on iTunes to accept it and then it’ll class as the full release! So that is pretty cool indeed! Check it out at the link right here to get to the online page and if you have any suggestions on subjects you want me to cover, just send me a mail or leave a comment!

That’s it for the Monday News post and I’ll see you back with some more news tomorrow, hopefully by then the podcast has been accepted into iTunes! Oh and a hint, something new and exciting is coming to the site this week, stay tunes for more info on that!

Thursday Updates

Photoshop Express is seeing further daylight! yes, at the Adobe MAX Conference they have further previewed the Photoshop Express, which will be the web, much less powerful version of Photoshop! Unveiled first at the Photoshop World Expo we now have some more pictures cutesy of Martin LaMonica over at CNET! Go and check the news out, right here!

Boot Camp Users be aware!

Apple has now come out with an official statement that all people running Boot Camp on their OS X Tiger macs will be having their BETA license of the utility expired upon the launch of Mac OS X Leopard later this month!

Speaking of later this month…Leopard!

Yes, speaking about Apple and later this month, it doesn’t really hurt to mention that Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard is being released late this month, the more specific time frame according to AppleInsider (remember that it is just a rumor though). Get ready for the new OS Upgrade, and remember, Adobe has said that they will work their quickest to get the CS3 suite working with Leopard!

Btw. Thanks to Justin Seeley for the full tips on these news! :)

Wednesday News Updates

Photoshop Tip!

Some quick colour shortcuts; when you have a foreground and a background colour. Press the letter “X” on the keyboard to flip them around and press “D” to revert them to the default!

Pixelmator 1.0

Whilst the Mac edition of Photoshop Elements 6 will be released not until early 2008, Pixelmator a new image editor makes a perfect debut. Available for the Mac platform, for just $59 it is a very stylish program that has taken some of the praised Photoshop features it looks to be giving entry-level people an easy time! :) Check it out at the Pixelmator site!

Adobe Photoshop Elements 6, for Windows only!

Photoshop Elements 6Adobe has released their Photoshop Elements, Version 6, so far for Windows only. Apparently Mac users will be getting their hands on a new Elements version, not until early 2008 and that’s because “Elements for the Mac is on a difference development schedule than on the PC” according to Adobe. Anyway, check out the site for the new learning center they’ve put together to make your learning of Elements 6 quick and painful!

Check out Layers TV!!

Layers TV

If you haven’t already, to and check out Layers TV brought to you by the amazing Corey Barker and Rafael (“RC”) Concepcion. Today they’ve released their second show that is jam packed with a lot of great tutorials on the entire Creative Suite! So go and check it out right here!

That’s it for todays little news update! Now I’m just out to get the Wacom Bamboo tablet since I badly need a new tablet! I’ll write something up on how it works later! :D

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