Tuesday News Things

Backup Day!

Okay, so I totally missed out on posting the news yesterday because of much work so I thought today might be a good catching up day ;)

  • Smashing Magazine posted a good article containing the (by the author) top ten usability highs of Mac OS X. It’s well written and well backed up and I must say I agree a lot with the article and author.
  • Don’t forget to check out Scott Kelby’s blog the Photoshop Insider tomorrow! He is going to have the guest blogger Corey Barker doing a post! Corey is a pure creative genius when it comes to drawing and doing artwork so it’s gonna be really cool to see what’s he’s writing about! Mark your calendars for tomorrow.
  • I saw this post over at PDNPulse yesterday where they followed on reporting that the amazing footprint fireworks at the Olympics this Friday were in fact a computer animation. It’s pretty shocking for especially one reason; How should we believe all we see from the Olympics now?
  • Today is another day to start doing some backups on your photos/media files to make sure you’re covered if something goes wrong. Do it….now! :D


Photo tip from the road

Travel Tip: Memory Cards

I’m in southern Sweden with my cousin and his family this weekend as I previously wrote. However I thought I should give y’all just a little on the road tip. When you are out shooting and travelling, do stock up on memory cards, even if you have your laptop with you. You don’t want to be loading all the shots over to your laptop and throw them away from the cards. You’ll want to keep them on the cards and load it over to the laptop. That way you have an extra backup copy of the shots, just in case anything should happen to, say the laptop during the travel or a HDD failure. You’ll probably not have had the time to do a backup on your photos. Don’t learn this the hard way!

Wednesday News Stuff

Backup your harddrives, TODAY!

One would think it would be very hard to exceed the happy news from yesterday with the cool CS4 betas and the news that the iPhone is coming here to Sweden. There are however some pretty cool stuff running today as well!

  • Backing up is really important to do and yesterday Scott Kelby posted his backup stratergy on his blog which is really a good one. Last Friday he had another post about backing up and the importance of doing do (sharing a nightmare story) and I call today another backup Wednesday because it is really important!
  • About a week ago the talented artist James Quantz Jr. redesigned his site to make it much cleaner and simpler (and more stylish) to us viewers. I really think it turned out rather nicely and I think you should all go and look at his new site if not just to sit a while in awe to look at his work!
  • If you’ve been paying attention to this site a bit recently you’ll have noticed a little change in the sidebar and overall width of the site. I’ve expended the width so I could fit a larger sidebar with two columns instead of extending the old one to be even longer. With it I also added some new sidebar content such as a twitter summary of my twitter page and a brand new poll and countdown. Some minor new cool things ;)
  • If you are trying to download trials from Adobe’s website you’ll be greeted with a not so nice statement that they are unavailable. Over at InDesignSecrets you can read what you can do and why this is happening.
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