Photoshop CS5

Making Actions Happen with the Script Events Manager

Using the Script Events Manager you can trigger scripts or actions to go off at specific events such as starting Photoshop, opening a file and many more.

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Photoshop CS5

Basics: Image Processor

Using the image processor, you can automate Photoshop ahve have the application to batch process files with an action.
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Applying a Graduated Filter

In post-processing, nowadays you can partly fake the use of a graduated filter directly from within the develop module in Lightroom and in this video you will learn just how you can use it to your advantage.
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Opacity vs. Fill

In this Photoshop video tutorial we take a look at the difference between Opacity and Fill when you are working with layers.
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Using the Symbol Sprayer Tool

In this tutorial we are taking a look at the Symbol Sprayer tools inside of Illustrator. These tools will help you work with multiple symbols in your art.
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