#46: Wavy Line Wallpaper Using Stroke Width Tool in Illustrator CS5

In this weeks episode of the Creatively Using the Creative Suite podcast, Erik Bernskiold shows you how you can use the stroke width tool in Illustrator CS5 to create a cool effect, perfect for wallpapers.
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#43: HTML 5 in Dreamweaver CS5

In this episode, Erik Bernskiold is showing you how you can easily work with HTML5 in Dreamweaver CS5 right here, right now.
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Photoshop CS5

Photoshop Quick-Tip: Zoom Faster with Scrubby Zoom

A new feature is Scrubby Zoom that allows you to zoom faster in and out of your documents by dragging the mouse right or left. To enable this, first go into the Preferences, Photoshop > Preferences > General (PC: Edit > Preferences > General) and enable Zoom Clicked Point to Center.

Once you’ve done that, select the Zoom tool (Z) and choose Scrubby Zoom in the options bar. You can now click anywhere in the canvas and drag right or left to zoom in and out of the document at that specific point.


Monthly Poll: Which CS5 Feature(s) Are You Using The Most?

This month I want to put out a question that I am intrigued by. It has been almost a year since CS5 was released and looking back at the new features introduced, I want to know which feature(s) you are using now, a year later. Take a moment to vote in the poll and why not submit a comment to let everyone know about the feature you use the most now.

Which CS5 Feature(s) Are You Using The Most?

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Photoshop CS5

Photoshop CS5 Quick-Tip: Hide Photoshop or Extras on the Mac

By default, Mac OS X has a keyboard shortcut, Command + H that hides any given application. In Photoshop, this shortcut has always been occupied to Hide Extras (View > Extras). Added in Photoshop CS5 however is the option of changing that behavior so that either OS X or Photoshop uses the shortcut. The loosing command will instead get the shortcut Command + Control + H.

When you hit the shortcut for the first time on CS5, Photoshop will ask you what to do and save that as a default. If you wish to change, it is available in the keyboard shortcuts.

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