Coding a "Big Button" Horizontal Navigation Menu

Coding a “Big Button” Horizontal Navigation

In the tutorial “How to Make a Create a Modern Website Design“, I showed you a number of different techniques and styles while taking you through the Photoshop design. Today, I am going to show you a little part of the coding that goes into this design, specifically how to code the navigation element.
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Weekend Website Tip:

Two weeks ago, I talked about my longing for CSS3 and HTML 5. This week, I want to send you to a website that’s got the full scope of CSS3, called! On there are both visual and code samples of what will be new in CSS3 and also what you can start using now and how it is supported—a vital resource if you want to start using some of the new goodness today!

Longing for CSS3 and HTML5…

There are a lot of great things that are available in the markup for both CSS3 and HTML5. Personally, I’m probably most excited about CSS3 with all the support for making nicer websites, without as many graphics. Yet, it is crazy that we still strive to support older browsers, back to Internet Explorer 6, released many years ago. The CSS3 markup has been evolving for a long, long time and we are now just barely seeing support in newer browsers. Yet it feels like we are never getting away from IE6. It’s been this way for the past bunch of years.


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