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Embedding Non-Standard Fonts on Your Website Using Google Web Fonts

Back a few years ago it was almost impossible to use any other font than a standard system font on a website, without serious usability implications. Today, it is all about comparing the best solution for the project. In this tutorial, I’d like to show you how to use a non-standard font on your website by selecting from the great Google Web Fonts library which has got many high-quality fonts to choose from that in most cases have fair licenses.

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Quick Late Wednesday Tidbits


I realize that this is actually quite late to be some Wednesday tidbits, but better late than never right!

  • Yesterday over on CSS-Tricks I saw a nice little jQuery plugin that Chris Coyier made called the AnythingSlider. Now, you might be wondering why I would be linking to yet another one of these sliders. The reason is of course simple! It is powerful and looks nice! Check it out!
  • I feel really behind with some news right now but Smashing Magazine had a great article a while back with some beautiful and free fonts that you can use in your designs! While just finding fonts might not be the hardest task online, it is hard to find quality ones that you can actually use! 
  • It can be even harder to find icon sets that you are free to use, which is why I really loved seing a list by Hongkiat with 40 free and useful GIU Icon Sets that you can use. 
  • Something for the WordPress developer as well, also from Smashing Magazine are some very handy tricks that you can do to your WordPress comments! 

More news exist today though! Canon has announced some all new cameras, but wait for that until the next post coming up!

Ten Great Fonts that I love


As a designer you need to have great fonts as the use of these can either make or break a design. As we have covered before, typography is important both on the web and in print and it can be a daunting task to try and find some great fonts to use! I’m here listing ten of my favorite fonts I use and love, all for very different things! To get to a download/purchase page, just click on the font name!

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QT: Suit your font needs!

I often get the question where I go when I’m in need of a new font for something. There is one website that has got it all when it comes to fonts and that is On there you can find a ton of free fonts in a staggering number of categories. Go and check it out!

Wednesday Newsflash Goodies

Smashing Magazine

Here’s some goodies for today, Wednesday.

  • As y’all know, the big photo convention Photokina is going on in Cologne (Köln), Germany. WIth my hectic schedule right now, I can’t possibly follow up on all (I will on some stuff) new releases from home here so I’m going to link you to a sum-up of the news so far, from 1001 Noisy Cameras.
  • It can be really hard to find good quality free fonts sometimes especially as the font databases like DaFont is getting so large. Thus, I really like the releases Smashing Magazine are doing a little now and then. They’ve gone ahead and posted some free fonts of the month over at their site. They’re really good and really useful. I’ve played around with some and I do find them super.
  • I’ve been digging the LumniQuest Softbox III for a while on and off and been pondering if I should get one. I was really happy to see a review of it by David Hobby at the Strobist. David really knows what he is talking about so it’s really good to be able to hear what he thinks!
  • Finally, with the CS4 announcement yesterday there were a bunch of learning centers published (I wish I would have the software to be able to create one myself, but I’m just not an adobe partnert there). If you wish to learn the new Photoshop CS4, there is no better place than from the Photoshop Guys over at NAPP, at their learning center. If you wish to learn about all the new suite, Layers Magazine has put together a great learning center online as well. Both are free!
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