InDesign CS5

Anchoring Objects to Text in InDesign CS5.5

In the new InDesign CS5.5 you are able to easily anchor objects to text which is very useful when creating EPUB documents which layouts are re-flowed automatically.
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InDesign CS5

InDesign CS5.5: Scale Images Relatively in EPUB Documents

In this video, Erik Bernskiold will show you how to make images in your InDesign documents, scale relatively to the device width when exported to EPUB format.
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InDesign CS5

InDesign Quick-Tip: Quicker Page Navigation

Keyboard shortcuts are always helpful to work faster. When you have long documents filled with text, navigating the pages of them in InDesign can be rather painful. Instead, try using the following keyboard shortcuts to navigate through the pages quicker:

  • Command + Down Arrow (PC: Control + Down Arrow): Move down to the beginning of the following paragraph.
  • Command + End (PC: Control + End): Move down to the end of the current block of text.
  • Command + Shift + End (PC: Control + Shift + End): Move down to the end of the text (regardless of whether it is showing or not).
  • Command + Shift + Home (PC: Control + Shift + Home): Move up to the beginning of the text block.

InDesign CS5

InDesign Quick-Tip: Instant Unit Conversion

Did you know that you can convert between different units effortlessly in InDesign? Now you will know if you didn’t already. In any field that you enter a unit you can enter its extension and have it converted into your default unit.

An example: If I have my default unit set to picas but I want to add a common .125 inch bleed around the document, all I need to do is type: “0.125 in” (without the quotes) into the bleed amount fields and InDesign will automatically convert it into the right amount of picas, without worry.


InDesign. What to use it for?

If there is one application that demands a certain way of working with it to create its specific type of artwork it is InDesign which is the print application in the Creative Suite. Looking at the workflow, InDesign requires a little knowledge on how the thought behind it is to be able to create the gorgeous print material that it is capable of.

This being the case, InDesign can appear to be a hard application to work with, which is not entirely true. All there is to it is a little knowledge on how InDesign thinks, that you might not do, coming directly from Photoshop.

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