Tuesday Talkin’ with Glyn Dewis

Glyn Dewis

This week, I am sitting down with my good friend and talented photographer, residing in the UK, Glyn Dewis.

Erik: Glyn, thank you for taking the time to participate.

Hey no worries, thank you for asking me.

Erik: How did you get into Photography?

Well I actually became involved in the editing side of things before getting involved in photography.

A few years back now my Uncle who has always been the ‘family photographer’ showed me this piece of software he was using that could…wait for it…remove red eye! Man I was blown away…lol Now I’d always been in to computers and tinkering around so I decided to get hold of my own copy of this software and start learning more; needless to say I soon became hooked. Oh and if you’re wondering what the software was that I’m talking about it was Photoshop 7.

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Tuesday Talkin’: Patrick LaMontagne

Patrik LaMontagne

Welcome to a brand new series of interviews, coming to you every Tuesday for many weeks now, dubbed “talkin’ tuesday”. For this weeks interview, I sat down with Patrick LaMontagne, an incredible cartoonist and illustrator.

Erik: Patrick, thank you for taking the time to participate.

Thanks for asking.

Erik: How did you get into drawing?

It really was a ‘right place, right time’ situation. I’d always drawn and doodled as a kid, but I wasn’t very good, so it was never more than a hobby. I’d never considered going to school for art.

I really had no direction when it came to any sort of career until I was in my 30’s. I had been in the military Reserves for 5 years, two of which were full-time, teaching basic training. I came very close to joining the Canadian Armed Forces, because I come from an extended military family and it was a great life growing up. I attended Red Deer College for Psychology for a couple of years and then changed my mind and became an EMT. Having met my wife in college in 1991, I ended up in Banff in 1994 because she was working at The Banff Springs Hotel and it had become difficult to maintain a two year long distance relationship.

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Guest on Learning Digital Photography Podcast

Learning Digital Photography

This week, I’m a guest on my buddy Jason Anderson’s podcast called Learning Digital Photography over at Personal Life Media. In the episode (ep #24) we talk about tips and tricks in nature photography (floral, landscapes and briefly touch on wildlife) as well as a bit about websites and how to market yourself nowadays. Jason also runs the Canonblogger website, where you can get the full shownotes.


He Said – She Said: Interview

He Said - She Said

As the first part of the series of He Said – She Said that me and Elizabeth Gast are doing, we thought it work be a good idea to answer some interview questions so you get to know us a little bit better. We gathered questions from our twitter followers and everyone who wanted was free to send in. On my blog today is going to be her answers to the questions, and if you want to read what I had to say, go and visit her blog here!

@JoeHendricks – How did you get started in graphic design? What motivated you?

I’ve loved art for as long as I can remember. Ever since I was little (we’re talking 4 years old) I knew it was the only thing I wanted to do. Then, at about age 12 something happened. Someone showed me a computer and my world was forever changed. I took 2 years of computer programming in High School along with 4 years of art, which then spiraled into tons and tons of similar college courses and two degrees. Graphic design became an adrenaline rush that I still get to this day. And knowing that I have the ability to bring ideas to the world via my two favorite things in the world – art and computers – well it just doesn’t get any better than that. 

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You still have a couple of days left to enter your questions!

He Said - She Said

I told you about this new feature column that me and Elizabeth Gast from Design by Firgs are going to be doing once every month on eachothers blogs. We are going to talk about one specific topic and on my blog here, you’ll be able to read her take on it and over on her blog you’ll be able to read my take on it. Anyway, we are doing a special introductary before this all gets going. We think it’s good that you get the chance to get to know us two a little better, so we are offering all of our Twitter Followers an opportunity to send us questions through a direct message through Twitter with any question you might have for us! If we pick your question, not only will you get it answered by us but you’ll also be featured on our sites! Isn’t that a cool thing?

The deadline for the interview questions is quickly approaching so make sure you send a direct message to either me @ErikBernskiold or @Frigs on Twitter now (and you must be following at least one of us for that). Oh, and make sure to note in some way that it is for the interview.

Quick Important Facts

  • Deadline: Sunday 11th January, 2009
  • How to Submit: Send a direct message on Twitter to either @ErikBernskiold or @Firgs with your question. Make sure we know it is for the interview.
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