Tips and Tricks for iOS Web Development

This guest-tutorial is by Peter Witham owner of

As the amount of people on iOS devices grows, it is becoming increasingly important to design for these devices. In this tutorial you will learn a bag of tips and tricks for designing web apps for iOS.
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iOS Icon

Adding an iPhone/iPad Icon for Your Website

When the iPhone launched a few years ago with web apps as the standard way of getting to content, Apple introduced a way to specify an icon for the website to be used if a user chooses to bookmark it to the homescreen. Even though a lot of the previous web apps are now native apps instead, you can still add this icon on your website for users wanting to bookmark it.
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Flash vs HTML5, It Is All Good!

With the iPhone and even more so, the iPad, another format war has begun. As with any format war, the two sides do everything to support their base and attack the other. I beg you to sit down and think about this and give me good reasons why this is necessarily as bad as everyone likes to say.

iPhone 3G

The iPhone OS vs. Android Similarities

Another ongoing debate is that of the iPhone OS versus Android. Oddly enough, it is the same kind of debate there. It all boils down to the nature of competition for market share.


When Apple first introduced the iPhone OS it was an incredible new platform that has very much revolutionized the way we use cellphones. If you think back, before the iPhone, smartphones were very uncommon.

Since the introduction of the iPhone, we have yet to see any major new additions to the platform, either in terms of handsets or software. Now, I am certain we will because of Google’s Android operating system. It simply puts competition on the board for both companies, forcing them to come up with greater things.

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Thursday News Update

It is another Thursday and here are some news from this week in the design, developer and gadget community!

  • First off, my good friend Janine Smith, a killer restoration artist, has published her very first video tutorial on digital restoration. I have already told you that she is amazing at what she does, so go ahead and learn something cool by watching the tutorial.
  • The iPhone app has now added better sharing abilities, now able to share to both Twitter and Facebook, a feature that could potentially do away with a second up, just for the sharing purpose.
  • Heard about Corey Barker? If you have, good, if not, you need to! Corey is a very talented illustrator and artist who works as an instructor at NAPP. My friend Firgs just caught up with him in an interview, where you can see a bit of what is going on inside of Corey’s head.

That is some of the news for this week, don’t forget that the Creatively Using the Creative Suite podcast is now back and going live tomorrow, a weekday that will change. Starting next week the podcast episodes will go live every Thursday, for you to watch.


Smart Template for iPhone App Showcase

On, me and Terry White publish news and reviews of iPhone apps, every day of the week. On every review, there are two iPhones ontop of eachother, each showing a screenshot of the application in question. In this tutorial, I am going to show you how to make such a template, that you can easily update with new graphics through smart objects.

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