More Leopard: Upgrade and performance!

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Alright so today I didn’t want to hold the upgrade off further since all I’m using on a daily basis was upgraded already included CS3 running fine. I went to the newly opened Apple Shop at the MediaMarkt store near where I live and got the Leopard. The “Archive and Install” went just fine and I’m now running the Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard as seen in the screenshot above!

So far I’m very happy with the performance as well with it seemingly more alert than Tiger was before. In beginning of the week I’ll post a little more details on my Leopard experience when I’ve been running it for a little while. I’ll also be setting up Time Machine in the beginning of the week when I get the chance to reformat my external drive (backup and reformat) to partition it so that one partition can go to time machine and one to files!

CS3 almost fully compatible with Leopard!

Leopard Stacks

So this is a small Leopard update with the great news you might already have heard! The CS3 applications are compatible with Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard! The only exception to this (you know it was too good to be true) is that the Video editing applications in the Production Premium (and Master Collection) is not compatible and may run into errors (update will come in December) and also Acrobat 8 Pro might also run into errors (update scheduled for January 2008).
By now you are probably also wondering about Lightroom and why I haven’t mentioned it so far.  Well according to the compatibility chart, Lightroom is not fully tested under Leopard and may also run into errors. So far I haven’t heard much about Lightroom but I hope I will ASAP. The support will be fixed in the next lightroom upgrade, but it doesn’t say when that is. Lets all hope it will be soon! Here’s a link to the official Leopard support PDF from Adobe.

So my upgrade plan stays the same as it was yesterday, installing it first on a backup copy so I know my other applications will work. All seems very positive with it and hopefully I should be able to install it on my backup drive today or tomorrow (depending on how fast I can get my hands on Leopard) and then install it on my main computer this coming week again if all goes well with my testing! So stay tuned for some more Leopard news as we go more into the week!

Leopard: my upgrade plan

LeopardAlright! Leopard is now on the market and has officially been for the past twenty minutes now! So what should you do? Upgrade or hold off a while? My main plan for upgrading to Leopard is first to hold off until I know that my Adobe CS3 apps are working as they should with Leopard and then I’ll do my following release plan which is courtesy of Terry White which is the Creative Suite guru! So when he tells you it is good to upgrade, you can safely do it as well and I really taken a liking to his upgrade plan.

After knowing that CS3 works fine my other concern is all my other programs I use daily, will they work? So I’m going to be making a bootable clone of my entire HDD using a program called SuperDuper!  to my external hard drive, and then boot Tiger from there and finally install Leopard on that clone first, so I have Tiger as my main OS on the computer if something should not be right! Thus I can test my applications as I wish without loosing Tiger!

Also I’ll be updating when there is some info on which CS3 products work and which don’t once I hear about it on Terry White’s blog.

Date set for OS X Leopard release

OS X Leopard

Apple has today announced the release of Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard on the 26th October at 6:00 a.m, meaning that is it just 10 days to release! Also, if you have purchased a new Mac computer after the 1 October this year, you will be getting the upgrade to Leopard for free, otherwise the single license price will be at $129 USD and the 5-license single residence family edition is priced at $199.

Thursday Updates

Photoshop Express is seeing further daylight! yes, at the Adobe MAX Conference they have further previewed the Photoshop Express, which will be the web, much less powerful version of Photoshop! Unveiled first at the Photoshop World Expo we now have some more pictures cutesy of Martin LaMonica over at CNET! Go and check the news out, right here!

Boot Camp Users be aware!

Apple has now come out with an official statement that all people running Boot Camp on their OS X Tiger macs will be having their BETA license of the utility expired upon the launch of Mac OS X Leopard later this month!

Speaking of later this month…Leopard!

Yes, speaking about Apple and later this month, it doesn’t really hurt to mention that Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard is being released late this month, the more specific time frame according to AppleInsider (remember that it is just a rumor though). Get ready for the new OS Upgrade, and remember, Adobe has said that they will work their quickest to get the CS3 suite working with Leopard!

Btw. Thanks to Justin Seeley for the full tips on these news! :)

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