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InDesign Quick-Tip: Quicker Page Navigation

Keyboard shortcuts are always helpful to work faster. When you have long documents filled with text, navigating the pages of them in InDesign can be rather painful. Instead, try using the following keyboard shortcuts to navigate through the pages quicker:

  • Command + Down Arrow (PC: Control + Down Arrow): Move down to the beginning of the following paragraph.
  • Command + End (PC: Control + End): Move down to the end of the current block of text.
  • Command + Shift + End (PC: Control + Shift + End): Move down to the end of the text (regardless of whether it is showing or not).
  • Command + Shift + Home (PC: Control + Shift + Home): Move up to the beginning of the text block.

Coding a "Big Button" Horizontal Navigation Menu

Coding a “Big Button” Horizontal Navigation

In the tutorial “How to Make a Create a Modern Website Design“, I showed you a number of different techniques and styles while taking you through the Photoshop design. Today, I am going to show you a little part of the coding that goes into this design, specifically how to code the navigation element.
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Navigations – Showcase of different techniques

Navigations - Showcase of different techniques! 

A navigation is one of the more crucial parts of a webdesign. It can be challenging to think of new ways to do a navigation and you can quite easily get into the habit of doing the same all over for more than one reason. To help inspire and to gain insight in some of the different methods that one can do, I’ve put together a showcase here of different, good-looking techniques.

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