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Photoshop Insider

It is almost that Photoshop Insider don’t need a whole lot of introduction! It’s the blog of NAPP President and award-winning author, Scott Kelby. On the blog, Scott shares his thoughts and posts news and randomly cool things several times per week. It is all coming from Scott’s interests in Photography and Photoshop so you will be seeing posts about shooting a sports game (accompanied by several great photos) one day and a post about Photoshop the next mixed with a bit of industry news the following after that!

So take a moment now and check out Scott’s blog, the Photoshop Insider. It’s a great one and if you leave comments, you will know that Scott reads every one of them and very often sends a mail back with an answer!

Thursday News

Mac OS X Leopard 

  • Over at All Graphic Design, I saw a post with links to a tonload of great Photoshop freebie sites! They claim it to be the biggest and I wouldn’t argue it with them.
  • Apple has released Mac OS 10.5.6 which is mostly a bug fix version. You can find the full changelist over in the official Apple document where you can also find the download link that you can use if you don’t want to use the built in software update.
  • ProBlogger is listing nine SEO plugins for WordPress that you just must have. SEO is an important bit of your website and some of these plugins do really give a good boost!

Adobe releases Configurator 1.0!


Adobe has just released the first prerelease version of the Adobe Configurator 1.0 that will allow you to customize your panels in Photoshop CS4 as you want! It’s all a simple drag and drop interface and it’s well worth a check. It’s a download from the Adobe Labs which does meant that it is a prerelease version, nonetheless it is very stable as it is released.

To learn the deal about Configurator, view this introduction video made by John Nack, then go to download it.

Tuesday News & Goodies

 Photoshop CS4 In Real Life

  • I came across a really brilliant artwork the other day titled "What Photoshop would look like in real life" that I just had to share. They’ve basically built up a Photoshop interface using cardboard, paint, boxes etc. It’s super cool!
  • Sigma has announced that they are buying the sensor company Foveon. This will basically mean that they have a tighter grip over the sensors they use in their cameras. Foveon will physically remain where they are in Silicon Valley which will also give Sigma some really high-tech real estate.
  • A new version of Parallels Desktop has been released. The release is a big fix, fixing some bugs with guest user accounts and more and brings the version number to 3.0.5626. You can download it from the site for free if you are a current license holder. For new users the application costs $79.99.
  • The popular media player, VLC has also gotten a bit of an upgrade to version 0.9.6. The specifics in the release are also security fixes that has been around for a few versions. They are also taking out the support for versions 0.8.6 or earlier. Use at your own risk, or upgrade.
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