Photoshop CS5

Photoshop Quick-Tip: Resize While Saving for Web

When you are optimizing your image in the Save for Web dialog box, you can use its Image Size feature to resize the image and create multiple downsized versions of your file without having to exit back out and use the Image Size command by itself.

Photoshop CS5

Photoshop Quick-Tip: Cropping to a Specific Size

If you know which size you want when you are cropping using the Crop Tool (C), you can enter the width and height settings in the options bar (when you have the tool active).

When you then drag out the crop overlay, it will keep the correct aspect ration and then crop to your specific size.

Photoshop CS5

Bridge Quick-Tip: Stack Images Together

When you are shooting multiple frames at the same angle of the same subject, you can clean up your photos folder a bit by stacking similar photos. Select the images you want to group and press Command + G (PC: Control + G) to make the stack.

Lightroom 3

Lightroom Quick-Tip: Hide (All) Panels

Lightroom has a built-in way for you to easily show or hide the the panels surrounding the main image in the middle.

If you want to hide only the left and right panels, press the Tab key. To hide both the side panels and the top and bottom ones (i.e all panels) press Shift + Tab.

These shortcuts are toggle switches so when you want to get the panels back, use the Tab or Shift + Tab shortcut again.

InDesign CS5

InDesign Quick-Tip: Quicker Page Navigation

Keyboard shortcuts are always helpful to work faster. When you have long documents filled with text, navigating the pages of them in InDesign can be rather painful. Instead, try using the following keyboard shortcuts to navigate through the pages quicker:

  • Command + Down Arrow (PC: Control + Down Arrow): Move down to the beginning of the following paragraph.
  • Command + End (PC: Control + End): Move down to the end of the current block of text.
  • Command + Shift + End (PC: Control + Shift + End): Move down to the end of the text (regardless of whether it is showing or not).
  • Command + Shift + Home (PC: Control + Shift + Home): Move up to the beginning of the text block.
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