WordPress Website Bootcamp

Come Attend Our WordPress Website Bootcamp!

We (Bernskiold Media) are bringing our first ever WordPress Website Bootcamp seminar to Denver on October 22 and 23. If you are in and around Denver, or fancy a trip, we have an exciting two days planned.

The first day is the main seminar where I will be showing you how to create a website from scratch using WordPress. There will be no coding involved at all, as the goal is that you are able to create and maintain your website without that knowledge. At the end of the day, you will know how to build a website with galleries, e-commerce functionality, any amount of pages, a blog, contact form, statistics and much more.

The second day gives you a chance to be in a small group, hands-on workshop with only 6 people in total allowed to attend. During the day we will work together on your own website, taking the knowledge from the first day and applying it. What you get is a full day with a web designer and WordPress expert that helps you understand and set up your own website in a limited group of people.

The first day is available at $99 and the second at $499 or get them both together for a special deal of $549. Sign up now to take advantage of this great early-bird pricing and help us launch the first of hopefully many, WordPress Website Bootcamps.

For more information and registration, head over to the workshop page at Bernskiold Media. Have any questions? Leave a comment or send an email. I very much look forward to seeing you in Denver in October!

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Hot Friday News

Adobe Creative Suite 3

I really must call today "Hot Friday" because here, that’s exactly what it is with warm temperatures here. The news and goodies for today are pretty hot for themselves as well so there is no sparing on the hotness :D

  • if you are in the Philadelphia area in the US and you are interested in Photoshop and the Creative Suite  don’t miss out that Matt Kloskowski is coming to the Philadelphia Downtown Marriot on June 3rd with some other cool presenters in a free seminar about the Creative Suite 3. You can view the seminar page for more details and to sign up!
  • Recent rumours suggest that Apple might be renaming and revamping its .Mac service. If they did it would really be a welcome upgrade since honestly the service isn’t that much to be excited about, at the moment.
  • If you are looking at starting a photography portfolio website now at the start of the summer and want a unique website with unique design check out the portfolio package from XLD Studios. We have also a special discount code that’ll grant you 15% off the package, just enter the code "BM0806" when you are signing up. The offer is valid through June 30th! (If you are not looking at that level of uniqueness, just wait a couple of days for an exciting package from them ;) )
  • Some users of Adobe products are reporting file corruption when working on network stored files and blames it on the latest 10.5.3 update to Leopard on the Mac. (PC users are not having the problems). Adobe blames the corruption solely on Apple and the updates they did in 10.4.6.
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