WordPress 3.0.5 With Bug Fixes Released

WordPress last night released an update for the self-hosted version now up at version 3.0.5. Seeing as 3.1 has gotten even more delayed, this release contains some, as always, important bug fixes.

Here is what has been updated:

  • Fix XSS bug: Properly encode title used in Quick/Bulk Edit, and offer additional sanitization to various fields. Affects users of the Author or Contributor role. (r17397r17406r17412)
  • Fix XSS bug: Preserve tag escaping in the tags meta box. Affects users of the Author or Contributor role. (r17401)
  • Fix potential information disclosure of posts through the media uploader. Affects users of the Author role. (r17393)
  • Enhancement: Force HTML filtering on comment text in the admin (r17400)
  • Enhancement: Harden check_admin_referer() when called without arguments, which plugins should avoid. (r17387)
  • Update the license to GPLv2 (or later) and update copyright information for the KSES library.


WordPress 3.0.3 Available for Update

For all WordPress users, it is time for another security and bug fix update, version 3.0.3. The update mainly fixes issues with incorrectly given permissions when using remote publishing platforms. The issues only affects installs with remote publishing enabled, which you would have if you are using WordPress with a mobile client.

You can download the update either from WordPress.org or by updating the installation from your backend. As usual, remember to take a backup of your files and database before upgrading.


Update Time! WordPress 2.9.1 is out

The WordPress developers have rolled out the latest version of WordPress, version 2.9.1. It is mostly a bug fix release and fixes a number of issues. It also fixes a very annoying issue where scheduled posts and pingbacks would be incorrectly processed (causing posts to miss their schedule), because of web host incompatibility.

You can download the update from WordPress.org or use the built-in updater on your site.

GridIron Flow and Adobe Announcement Webinar

 GridIron Flow

On Monday June 29th at 12 p.m EDT, GridIron Flow along with John Nack from Adobe will hold a webinar announcing "something new" from them both. This comes right at the time where the Flow public beta (beta 3) expires at July 1st, chances are big that we might see a cool, full release.

If you want to watch the webinar and be a part of the event, you need to register for free on their website.

My Favourite List of Podcasts I Subcribe to

Favourite List of Podcasts

If you do any kind of commuting, podcasts are going to save you, I promise! With music, I find myself listening to the same things all over again to the point when they become boring. I also want to listen to music mainly when writing (like now) as I don’t loose any focus on the text then. However podcasts are great to have and listen to when you aren’t doing a lot, such as when you commute! Here are some that I subscribe to.

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