Photoshop CS5

Photoshop Quick-Tip: Set Your Tool Opacity With a Keyboard Shortcut

There are keyboard shortcuts for almost everything in Photoshop, including changing the opacity of a tool. To change the opacity for any tool that supports it, just press any number from 1 to 0 and the opacity will change from 10% up to 100%.

For more control over this, you can press (for example) 7 then 5 to get 75% opacity.

Illustrator CS5

Illustrator Quick-Tip: Flexible Rounded Corners

For more flexibility when working with rounded corners in Illustrator, you can instead of using the rounded rectangle tool, use the standard Rectangle tool and draw your base shape. After that, go to Effect > Stylize > Rounded Corners. This will be saved in the appearance panel with the bonus that you can go back and change the settings whenever you want.


Friday Website Tip: Rufus Deuchler’s Blog

This week I want you to check out the blog of Rufus Deuchler, a fellow european friend and a fabulous trainer and speaker who knows just a ton of cool stuff about design and Adobe-stuff.

On his blog you will find many useful tips and cool techniques on the different Adobe applications and if you haven’t been visiting the site before, the archives are well worth it to browse through.


49 Photo Tips: Part II

Learning is endless within most subjects. That does not mean however that you should not try and learn new things. You can easily pick up tips and tricks in Photography, and here is another way to help through an ebook with 49 photo tips to help you learn something new.

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Five Practical InDesign Tips

The Finished Program

The Finished Program

In the early parts of last week, I had a rush job to design and get printed approx. 600 copies of a program for a performance—a Revue. For any print project like this, InDesign is my choice and every time I open up the application to do anything with multiple pages (this was 20 pages long), I am happy to have a few features in InDesign.

I wanted to share with you, five very practical tips in InDesign that does help when doing a project.

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