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Making Your Own Lightroom Presets

If you find yourself applying the same settings to photos all over you might want to try out creating your own presets to save some time. With presets you can apply settings to photos even right when you are first importing them.
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Glyn Dewis Blog

Friday Website Tip: Glyn Dewis Blog

Glyn Dewis Blog

Glyn Dewis Blog

I am very glad to say that we are resuming the Website Tips, now making it a Friday Website Tip. Today I want to direct you to my buddy Glyn Dewis’ blog.

Glyn is a very talented photographer based in the UK, shooting mostly portraits both in studio and on-location. On his blog, he shares stories about the shoots, describes techniques and shares tips on how to get the photographic results. These are not only done through text, but also through videos.

Take a moment and head over and check out Glyn Dewis’ blog. Not only will you see some stunning photography, but learn a lot on the way.

Weekend Website Tip: gotoandlearn()


I’ve found that it can be relatively hard to find a good site with quality tutorials about Adobe Flash and how to do things there. I’m therefore featuring this incredible resource called Gotoandlearn() by Lee Brimelow, where you can find tons of tutorials about Flash, all free! On the site you are likely to find pretty much any tutorial you want in regard to learning Flash, both design and application wise as well as when it comes to Actionscripting.

If you want to be learning Flash, you should go and have a look over at Gotoandlearn(). You won’t just find the basic things but everything from the bottom and up to the advanced Flash building.

Lynda Online Training offers perhaps one of the largest stock of tutorials in their system on almost any larger piece of software you can find. The tutorials are by many world-class trainers and recorded in Lynda’s own high-quality studios.

The quality of the training videos offered by Lynda is great with high-resolution videos and good crisp audio that will not disappoint you. There are videos with not so high-resolution videos, and less good audio but it is acceptable seeing as they have been doing training videos over such a long time, that they cannot redo the older classes to the new standards of today.

One disadvantage to the services is that the tutorials do not come with the practice files, unless you have their premiere account which can be bought at a substantially increased cost from the base price at $25/month.

So how does Lynda stand up against the previously reviewed Kelby Training? Well, it is not really a fair comparision, seeing as Lynda is out to and hosts tutorials for a ton of more programs where Kelby Training on the other hand, focuses more on the Adobe products and photography. I’m more a fan of the video and audio quality over at Kelby Training but they are a newer addition to the business, where Lynda has been in it longer and obviously have a lot of lower quality files from older times.

If you are out to learn a program from the ground, or polishing your knowledge, Lynda is a great asset for you boosting loads of tutorials that you can be watching from just $25/month and for that price, you can’t really go wrong.

Kelby Training’s Online Training Review

Kelby TrainingWhen Kelby Training launched their new online training system to replace their old there was a lot of fuss over it and it was praised from all angles because it was a great improvement over the new system they had, that’s for sure. In this review we are going to look at how it actually works and if it is worth it.

How does it work?

So how does it work then? Well you sign up for either a year or a month and you will get access to all of their online courses from the major names in the business today (such as Scott Kelby, Dave Cross, Matt Kloskowski, Corey Barker, Moose Peterson, Katrin Eisman, Dan Margulis and more) and it is not just courses on photoshop but all of the adobe products, photography, colour management and a lot more as well and more coming!

How are the courses?

The courses work as they advertise and they have the high-quality you’d expect. The fact that you get the sample files and info documents available for download with the subscription is a bonus over the other similar sites like where you need to purchase another subscription to get the files. The files stream relatively fast and after having some troubles in the beginning I have talked to one of their IT guys and they’ve assured that they are working on new solutions all the time to improve the streaming of the videos as well and right now it works good. Now onto the course quality, they too are of a very high-quality with crystal clear audio and video that you indeed would expect for a paid service. If you are expecting the photography classes to be all computer slideshow stuff, then you are absolutely wrong! They have sent a camera team to film the courses live on the locations needed, for example they sent a camera crew with Moose Peterson to do one of the landscape classes and they also are of very high-quality.

What’s the variety of the classes like?

It is mostly Photoshop based but with tutorials in the other Adobe programs as well and also photography and colour management with more promised to come. There are also an ACE Boot Camp class to help you prepare for the Adobe ACE Exam. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed in the class variety and how many there are if you are out to learn Photoshop or the other Adobe applications, however if you are looking for other applications, you should look elsewhere.


If you want to learn Photoshop, Photography or any of the other Adobe applications this is the place you should be looking about since they cover their subjects very well with new classes rolling out all the time. The classes cover the techniques so you really do understand them and they also explain the quick tricks to help you work faster as you are doing the classes, so you pick up tricks in the techniques as well. I hope they don’t venture into too many programs but keep up the high-quality and in-depth classes on fewer subjects. With some of the worlds best instructors doing classes for them, they are really in for a hit and you as a student in a class should learn a lot!


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