How to Create a Modern Blog Website Design

How to Create a Modern Blog Website Design

In this tutorial you are going to learn how to create a modern blog design that can be used for a number of different website types. While working you will learn important techniques that can be used for other designs as well.

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Tips and Tricks for iOS Web Development

This guest-tutorial is by Peter Witham owner of

As the amount of people on iOS devices grows, it is becoming increasingly important to design for these devices. In this tutorial you will learn a bag of tips and tricks for designing web apps for iOS.
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Sleek Modern Web Button in Photoshop

Sleek Modern Web Button

Many struggle with the fine details in creating their web design. Today I aim to help you solve a little of that by showing you how to create a modern and clean-looking web button for use on your website.

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Illustrator CS5

Illustrator. What to use it for?

You  may know all about Photoshop but as a creative suite owner, you are intrigued by that other app sitting there called Illustrator and what it is best used for. I mean, Photoshop must be able to do the same style of art as Illustrator right?

This is true to a certain extent. Yes, you are able to achieve many of the same styles from Illustrator as you can in Photoshop, but with one major difference. While Photoshop is the primary raster image editor, Illustrator is the very opposite. You see, what it does best, actually all it does, is vector artwork.

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Striped Website Background Bar

Websites backgrounds does not need to use a solid color or a gradient color for their backgrounds. You can place objects there that maybe interacts with your design or just creates a natural break in the site. In this tutorial, you will be shown how to create a simple gradient bar with a striped pattern ontop of it and see some examples of how this can work in a design.

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