#45: Seamless Background Texture in Photoshop

In this weeks episode of the Creatively Using the Creative Suite podcast, Erik Bernskiold will show you how to create a seamless background texture for websites in Photoshop.
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WordPress 3.0.5 With Bug Fixes Released

WordPress last night released an update for the self-hosted version now up at version 3.0.5. Seeing as 3.1 has gotten even more delayed, this release contains some, as always, important bug fixes.

Here is what has been updated:

  • Fix XSS bug: Properly encode title used in Quick/Bulk Edit, and offer additional sanitization to various fields. Affects users of the Author or Contributor role. (r17397r17406r17412)
  • Fix XSS bug: Preserve tag escaping in the tags meta box. Affects users of the Author or Contributor role. (r17401)
  • Fix potential information disclosure of posts through the media uploader. Affects users of the Author role. (r17393)
  • Enhancement: Force HTML filtering on comment text in the admin (r17400)
  • Enhancement: Harden check_admin_referer() when called without arguments, which plugins should avoid. (r17387)
  • Update the license to GPLv2 (or later) and update copyright information for the KSES library.


Tips and Tricks for iOS Web Development

This guest-tutorial is by Peter Witham owner of UIBuzz.com.

As the amount of people on iOS devices grows, it is becoming increasingly important to design for these devices. In this tutorial you will learn a bag of tips and tricks for designing web apps for iOS.
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Fireworks beats Photoshop at Image Optimization

When optimizing images for the web, Fireworks is actually the best application for the job and manages to get smaller images than Photoshop. Watch this video to learn more about the differences and how to export in Fireworks.
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Sleek Modern Web Button in Photoshop

Sleek Modern Web Button

Many struggle with the fine details in creating their web design. Today I aim to help you solve a little of that by showing you how to create a modern and clean-looking web button for use on your website.

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