Friday Website Tip: W3C Validator

This might not be your normal Friday-fun website that I normally try to make my weekly tip however it is a very useful site to any web designer. Even though validating your site gives no guarantees what so ever that your code works throughout all major browsers, it gives you a hint about the fact that you have built your code around the specifications that are set in place.

Maybe take a little while to check your site in the W3C Validator and see how it ranks (I know I should do it myself) and what it suggests that you fix. Most often, the suggestions are good ones that you definitely want to implement.


Friday Website Tip: Brusheezy

It is hard to find good resources, especially for free stuff. Today I want to point you in the direction towards Brusheezy, a site that is a collection of tons of free brushes, patterns and textures for Photoshop. Indeed, I said they were all free.

As always with free downloads you need to take a look at the license and make sure you can use it in a commercial project, or in the project that you want to use it in, with or without the artist’s permission. However with that done, you can enjoy a huge collection of quality brushes, patterns and textures!


Friday Website Tip: TipSquirrel


This week I want to send you guys over to TipSquirrel, a website with tutorials and articles about different topics in Photoshop and Lightroom that I occasionally write for myself.

On the site are some very talented contributors who write excellent articles. You will get the opportunity to learn everything from restoration to photography in the articles on the site, so check it out over the weekend!

Design Informer

Friday Website Tip: Design Informer

You can never get too many good sites to learn new tricks on. Ok, so maybe you can but before you get too many, check out Design Informer.

Design Informer is a website focused fully on design, filled with articles and tutorials on various topics ranging from web to print. These articles usually have very good points, making you think an extra time about your own process.


Friday Website Tip: Pro Blog Design

Designing a blog and maintaining it is a task of its own. If you are the kind of person, like myself, who do a lot of blog designing and development, especially with WordPress, I am sure you will love Pro Blog Design.

Started by fellow young guy, Michael Martin, the site gives you quality posts with articles and tutorials all on designing and developing for your blogs and getting some features on there that you may never have considered beforehand.

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