Adding a Custom Image Size to Post Thumbnails in WordPress

When you are working with templates in WordPress that use post thumbnails embedded using the the_post_thumbnail(); function, you can change the thumbnail size from the default, to a custom one. This is very useful if you would like to output the same post thumbnail for a post differently based on where on the site it is displayed (for example index listing and sidebar feature), or just want to give the thumbnail of a post type a custom size for display. Let’s have a look at how easy it is to add a custom image size to your WordPress theme.

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Integrating a Lightroom Gallery with a WordPress Website

Free Webinar: Integrating a Lightroom Gallery with a WordPress Website

Just a heads up that I will be hosting a free webinar this coming Monday, August 8 on the topic of Integrating a Lightroom Gallery with a WordPress Website. The webinar will be an hour long and during the hour, I am going to show you two techniques for taking a Lightroom gallery and putting it inside of WordPress, making it look just like any other page on your site.

Join me at 2 p.m eastern time (11 a.m Pacific; 7p.m BST; 8 p.m CEST; 4 a.m Sydney) for the webinar. There is a limit of 90 people attending so if you want to be sure to get your spot, please register (it’s free) in advance on the webinar page. Looking forward to seeing you there!

WordPress Website Bootcamp

Come Attend Our WordPress Website Bootcamp!

We (Bernskiold Media) are bringing our first ever WordPress Website Bootcamp seminar to Denver on October 22 and 23. If you are in and around Denver, or fancy a trip, we have an exciting two days planned.

The first day is the main seminar where I will be showing you how to create a website from scratch using WordPress. There will be no coding involved at all, as the goal is that you are able to create and maintain your website without that knowledge. At the end of the day, you will know how to build a website with galleries, e-commerce functionality, any amount of pages, a blog, contact form, statistics and much more.

The second day gives you a chance to be in a small group, hands-on workshop with only 6 people in total allowed to attend. During the day we will work together on your own website, taking the knowledge from the first day and applying it. What you get is a full day with a web designer and WordPress expert that helps you understand and set up your own website in a limited group of people.

The first day is available at $99 and the second at $499 or get them both together for a special deal of $549. Sign up now to take advantage of this great early-bird pricing and help us launch the first of hopefully many, WordPress Website Bootcamps.

For more information and registration, head over to the workshop page at Bernskiold Media. Have any questions? Leave a comment or send an email. I very much look forward to seeing you in Denver in October!

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WordPress 3.0.5 With Bug Fixes Released

WordPress last night released an update for the self-hosted version now up at version 3.0.5. Seeing as 3.1 has gotten even more delayed, this release contains some, as always, important bug fixes.

Here is what has been updated:

  • Fix XSS bug: Properly encode title used in Quick/Bulk Edit, and offer additional sanitization to various fields. Affects users of the Author or Contributor role. (r17397r17406r17412)
  • Fix XSS bug: Preserve tag escaping in the tags meta box. Affects users of the Author or Contributor role. (r17401)
  • Fix potential information disclosure of posts through the media uploader. Affects users of the Author role. (r17393)
  • Enhancement: Force HTML filtering on comment text in the admin (r17400)
  • Enhancement: Harden check_admin_referer() when called without arguments, which plugins should avoid. (r17387)
  • Update the license to GPLv2 (or later) and update copyright information for the KSES library.

Optimizing WordPress Performance

11 Important Steps to Optimize WordPress and Increase Performance

Performance is a large part of your website’s success. If a visitor finds that your site loads too slowly, they will go before you even get the chance to show them how good you are. If you are a WordPress user, you can drastically cut down on your site’s load time and increase performance. Not only will visitors be happy because the sites load quicker, you will also be saving bandwidth as you reduce the file size of the pages.

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