Using WordPress as content management system


WordPress is not just a blogging platform even though many do seem to think so. In fact there are a lot more sites that are powered using WordPress than you’d initially think, some that you’d never even imagine being WordPress sites. The fact is that using WordPress as a CMS system as not as hard at all as it’s equipped (along with plugins) to handle it really well.

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Tuesday News Stuff

WP Candy

Here’s what’s up this Tuesday:

  • I’m going to start today by apologizing for the podcast being late. I had some archiving troubles on the podcast host site and thus I couldn’t upload any new episode (it is going to be fixed by tomorrow though). Look for a new episode coming tomorrow!
  • Over at Copyblogger they ran a very interesting article called Are you Trustworthy today. It’s a pretty good article that talks about gaining your readers trust which is vital to any blogger who are looking to survive. A good read.
  • WP Candy has a lot of different goodies and articles about WordPress and the latest today is about Frameworks, Child Themes, Filters and Hooks. It’s a pretty extensive article but it brings up a lot of good things and tips when designing for WordPress and how you can be helped using certain elements using the Thematic framework.
  •  The iPhone has been out for a bit now and although there are quite a lot of applications in the business category of the AppStore, there are no big names released yet. Over at they speculate in why.

Finally before we end for this news post I want to make a shout out to a buddy, Dave (known to some as PhotoshopDB). He and his wife had a very cute little baby this weekend! Congratulations guys!

It’s the Monday news!

Scott Kelby's Worldwide PhotoWalk

Here’s the Monday news (apart from that schools back again for me):

  • First off WordPress 2.6.1 was released at the end of last week. It’s mainly a bug fix update but is recommended nonetheless for all users. Get it from!
  • Secondly, I know my episode of the podcast is just a little bit late right now. I’m going to record the episode right after this blog post is finished and then post it up for y’all! Trying my best to get it up tonight!
  • It’s PhotoWalk week! It’s this Saturday the 23rd August. The Scott Kelby Worldwide PhotoWalk! I’m hosting one here in beautiful Gothenburg, Sweden and well, all I can say is that it’s coming up really quickly, so, there are still a few spots left over here last time I looked. If any of you reading this are going to my walk, then you should look out for an email tomorrow with contact information and more detailed location info. Please check your emails for that soon.
  • Over at WP-Candy today they had a ncie article talking with the subject, "Does WordPress Scare your clients?". It was a very interesting read and is very true indeed. It’s well worth the time to read through.
  • As a final note, I hate spam. They are filling up more than usual right now and even though I’ve got a good spam filter, they get in the junk mail which gets large and emptied very frequently. SPAM sucks and doesn’t do anyone any good!

That’s it for today! ;)

Monday Stuff


It’s another Monday, it’s another start of the week. I have a lot of things to share with you this week and It’s gonna be a really cool week. One of them is of course the artist interview as every week (and I’m not yet going to give away who it is). I’ve also got an article or two planned as well as some new tutorials! But let’s get started with some Monday Stuff!

  • I do a lot of work with the WordPress publishing system and I really do like it. Obviously there are things I like to see in it, but overall it’s really really good and powerful. I do recommend it as a good and light cms + blog system. However it can be a daunting task to learn to customize any new script which is why I’m going to send you over to a series called Designing for WordPress by Chris Coyier at CSS-Tricks!
  • Since I’m going to be working with moving computers around a lot today I’m going to give you a tip or two there to make it easier. They may seem obvious, but so many don’t practise it. Tidy the cables up. Especially good in small areas where it’s much nicer to have some cable foldings to put them in to minimise mess and possible outage. Also, if you’re opening the computer to do any replacement, make sure to both pull out the plug and set the switch to 0. Also use a special bracelet to ground yourself. 
  • Finally, I’m going to leave you with a podcast or two today. First off, go and check out my Creative Suite Tips and Tricks podcast for tutorials, weekly, on the entire creative suite. Then if you are a photographer, go and check out the Image Doctors from the Nikonians Talk Radio. 

Blogging about mobile WordPress blogging

WordPress iPhone App

I know, I know. It is a somewhat corny blog title but that’s the best I could do at this hour. So anyway, I wrote two blog posts earlier today. One from the WordPress native iPhone App and one from the mobile WPhone plugin for WordPress. I had my complaints on the app that it can’t do pages and comments but while working with both for a while today and discussing it with Terry White, I’ve found my way which I think I’ll be using them.

There is just no better way right now to make blog posts on the iPhone than from the native app itself. It can post pictures (sadly you can’t choose where in the post they appear) and you can manage the posts far more easily. Sadly you can’t input hyperlinks or any text formatting in either of them which is a bummer.

The interface of the mobile plugin is really good for being a plugin and it is the best solution for editing comments, pages and users. You know, the extra bit on your blog. However the posting of posts is just noway near the advanced (under the circumstances yes) way the app does it. Now, I’m not saying there is not room for improvement. I like many want links, text formatting and a lot more. Yet I feel the app has a more positive feel to it and is the future for the editing.

Right now though, I can see myself sticking with both. I’m definitely going to use the app for all blog posts I do and if I need to do anything else, the mobile version of the control panel is a good step in the right direction and something easy to use for that. It just takes a little reassessment of what I thought would be in it to see that it is really good. I thought at least that comments would be there though and it is definitely (along with formatting) something that could well make use in the app.

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