Quick Late Wednesday Tidbits


I realize that this is actually quite late to be some Wednesday tidbits, but better late than never right!

  • Yesterday over on CSS-Tricks I saw a nice little jQuery plugin that Chris Coyier made called the AnythingSlider. Now, you might be wondering why I would be linking to yet another one of these sliders. The reason is of course simple! It is powerful and looks nice! Check it out!
  • I feel really behind with some news right now but Smashing Magazine had a great article a while back with some beautiful and free fonts that you can use in your designs! While just finding fonts might not be the hardest task online, it is hard to find quality ones that you can actually use! 
  • It can be even harder to find icon sets that you are free to use, which is why I really loved seing a list by Hongkiat with 40 free and useful GIU Icon Sets that you can use. 
  • Something for the WordPress developer as well, also from Smashing Magazine are some very handy tricks that you can do to your WordPress comments! 

More news exist today though! Canon has announced some all new cameras, but wait for that until the next post coming up!

5 Full Content Management Systems


Last week, I talked about differences between Drupal (that I’ve recently used) and WordPress. These are just two of the available content management systems that on full scale can power a website using databases and administration controls as well as a lot of advanced features. This week, we’re going to take a look at five full CMS systems, and follow that up next week with some simpler content management systems if you don’t need the full functionality of these.

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Using Drupal As the CMS instead of WordPress


As I’m sure you haven’t all missed, I’m a big WordPress fan and use it for most of the websites I develop. There was recently a project that I had to work on, that was a bit too much to be really smooth in WordPress, a project that needed a bit more advanced of a system. This led me to try out Drupal.

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My Top 10 WordPress Plugins



I build so many sites on WordPress these days because it is a robust platform that is very extendable. I’ve gathered today, ten plugins that I pretty much install on every site (with a few exceptions).

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WordPress 2.8.2 released!


WordPress 2.8.2 has been been released, another point release (bug fix release) that fixes an XSS vulnerability where comment authors URLs where not fully sanitized when displayed on the admin page. This could lead to a URL that redirects you off the admin page.

You can download it from the WordPress website, or upgrade right from your blog by going to Tools -> Upgrade.

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